Week 4: One Step Enough For Me

Hi everyone!
Can you believe I have been here for one month already? It’s nuts! Time really does go by fast here. I am grateful I still have another month to keep learning and practicing my Latvian. This week my Latvian started to actually progress! I felt like I hit a wall last week but I feel like I have finally broken through. I can’t remember if I said this last week, but I started practicing my flash cards while I run. It has helped so much! (And I’ve started a little fad here and lots of people do it now! haha) I just go through my flash cards and it makes the running time go way too fast. But I love it!
So GUESS WHAT!? I have fabulous news. There have been rumors going around that missionaries were going to sing at Conference. Well finally they were confirmed and WE ARE! Even the sisters are going to get to sing this time which hasn’t happened in a very very long time! We are all so excited! We had to fill out a paper saying how much voice experience we had so who knows who will actually get picked to be in the choir, but I sure hope I get too! How amazing would that be to sing in General Conference (click on link to learn more about General Conference) with all of the missionaries! I am so excited. Such a wonderful blessing.
Well I have another song for this week. It’s one of my favorites and one of yours mom. “Lead Kindly Light.” We sang it in choir this week and when they announced we were singing it I was so happy and thought of you Mom! Also  Grandpa Woolf. I remember I was playing the piano one time and Grandpa Woolf asked me to play that hymn because it was one of his favorites. I love that hymn so much. There is one particular line that I love and that I have lived my life by for the past couple of months. It says, “Keep thou my feet, I do not ask to see the distant scene. One step enough for me.”
That is so beautiful and I have come to realize how important it is to trust in the Lord and let him take charge of your life for he can make so much more out of it than we can. I do not need to see the very end result of everything I am told to do, but just one step ahead of me. I am so thankful for the guidance the Lord has given me and gives me every single day. We can’t give anything to the Lord that he did not already give us, except our will. We can give him our time, but he gave us our time. But we can GIVE him our will and submit to his will and follow the guidance and the commandments he gives us. I am trying to be willing to sacrifice anything that the Lord asks of me. I want Him to trust me and know that he can count on me. I have so much to learn to get there, but I am trying!
I have been reading in Alma about the 2,000 stripling warriors and I am so amazed at their faith. I love how it talks about their mothers and how they had so much faith in God because their Mothers had taught them. I would suggest reading those chapters again because they are so inspiring and wonderful. (Alma 55-58 I think)
Everyday I am amazed with everything I learn. I have learned more in a month than I ever have before in my life! I love it! I feel that my mind has been opened to so many wonderful things that the Lord wanted me to learn. I love studying this gospel all day! It is such a blessing and I can’t imagine having not learned even just the amount that I have learned in this one month. It has changed my whole life. Especially what I have learned about the Atonement. I have become so much closer to my Savior while being here. I love reading the Book of Mormon so much. I feel a little of what Dan Jones said, when he said “sleeping and eating are a burden” when he was reading the Book of Mormon. After a long day I am grateful to sleep, but I wish that I wasn’t tired and that I could stay up and just study study study. I love to read it and feast upon the words.
Things are going well with my investigators. Kristine (who I teach alone) commited to baptism today. She is so wonderful. We have had some great lessons and she is so open and willing to do anything that will bring her closer to Christ. Our other investigator that Elder Bergeson and I teach together is a little more difficult. We are trying our best to bring the spirit and teach what he needs.
Dad, my favorite scripture is D&C 84:88. It’s not completely Missionary related so I don’t know if that’s what I should put on my plaque at church, but it definitely means a lot to me and has been the answer to my prayers multiple times. It even helped me come on a mission so I think unless I should chose a more missionary related scripture that I would like that one.
Everything is great here. I love my district. It’s me and 3 Elders and we have such a good time. At meals we are with another district in our branch and we all laugh and have a great time together. I love them all.
President Brown came and sat in front of me at lunch and talked to my district for a half an hour about how the Book of Mormon contains the doctrine of Christ. He would pick topics from our “missionary Purpose” and go around and ask each one of us what scripture in the Book of Mormon talks about…faith, atonement, Holy ghost, baptism…etc. Wow, missionary work really makes you memorize where things are.
I know before the MTC I couldn’t have thrown out scriptures. I was a little nervous, but Scriptures from my lessons that I have shared prior always came to me and President Brown gave my district some pretend gold stars for being able to answer his questions. haha. The Elders in my district are so great and they have such strong testimonies about the gospel. I love learning from them everyday! I really love President Brown. He testified about the truthfulness and importance of the Book of Mormon and he taught us so much!
I need to go now, but I love you all SO much! Thank you everyone for all of the letters, goodies, support, and love! You are the best!
-Masa Galegera

To read about the Story of Dan Jones Click on the Link Below:


If anyone would like to know more about the 2,000 stripling warriors story click on the link below:



One response to “Week 4: One Step Enough For Me

  1. marlene gallacher

    Cailey, thanks for adding the Dan Jones article. It was very inspiring. It makes me think about your my life and my part in the Latter-day work. It also reminded me of our days on Sea Trek and the storm and sea sickness that got us. How brave people were to suffer for such causes!

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