Week 5: “For Latvia!”

Hello my Wonderful Family!

Well another week has gone by and I have less than a month left in the MTC. How fast time goes by. We are all so excited to get out into the field but also a bit nervous. I still have so much to learn, especially with the language.

Latvian is hard, but I just love to speak it. We now have our Speak Your Language (SYL) days where Elder Bergeson and I can only speak Latvian all day no matter who we’re talking to. (We just have to translate into English after haha) It’s hard, but I love it. I think Heavenly Father has really blessed me with a love for the Latvian language, because even though I struggle big time, I love, love, love it.

My teachers call Elder Bergeson “wonder Boy” because they say he is the fastest Latvian learning missionary they have ever had. Which sometimes makes me feel even slower than I am, haha, but I am thankful that I have him as an example and to strive to keep up with. He always corrects me and helps me speak correctly and I am thankful for that.

My investigators are coming along. I am teaching all of the commandments to Kristine (she has a baptismal date) and everything is going well. My other investigator, Janis, is still working towards baptism and I think he will commit at this lesson or our next lesson hopefully. He’s really progressing. I love to teach. I love to testify of this gospel, share scriptures, ask questions, and all that good missionary stuff you do in lessons. 🙂

I especially love trying to do it all in Latvian, even though I make mistakes. (Sometimes funny mistakes… one time Elder Bergeson said Joseph Smith ‘destroyed’ this gospel instead of ‘Restored’. Haha We laughed so hard afterwards when our teacher told us. I didn’t even notice either. Oh the silly mistakes we make)

Guess who came for our Devotional? ELDER OAKS! (click on his name to learn more about him). We are so lucky to have had 2 Apostles of the Lord come speak to us and on Easter we will have even more! I am so excited! He spoke to us on having the spirit with us as we speak and the importance of it. He focused a lot on the Sacrament and how we’re making certain promises when we take the sacrament and in return we are promised that we will always have His Spirit to be with us. What a wonderful promise! The Sacrament has always been so sacred and important to me but now, as a missionary, I’ve come to realize even more the importance of that promise. As Elder Oaks said, ” Without the Spirit we cannot teach, for the Spirit is the teacher, not us.” How true that is!

As for Conference, I found out this week, I made it into the choir so I WILL be singing in the Saturday afternoon session with 346 or something other missionaries! How exciting! We started practicing today and practice every morning from 7am to 8am. Also Dad, the intermediate song we’re singing with the congregation is “Called to Serve“. (click on name of song to listen) When they told us that I thought of you and how we can both stand and sing that together just like you said you want to in your letters. No matter where you are, I know that you will be singing it with me and I will be so proud to know my family is singing the “missionary” theme song. We sing it all the time and I just LOVE it!! I am SO excited for General Conference. Being able to sing will be a once in a lifetime chance. It’s so exciting! We can hardly stand it! 🙂

The Temple was lovely this morning. We went a little later than usual because of our conference choir practice. We had a wonderful time and I always feel so uplifted and inspired when I am able to attend the House of the Lord. I only get a couple more times to attend the temple until I am off to Latvia, and then I have to wait until I get home to go again. I will miss it and the spirit I gain when I am able to go.

Ready for this week’s song? Well this week in Choir we sang, “Consider the Lilies” which I didn’t really know, but I love it now. My favorite line in that song says, “He will heal those who trust Him, and make their hearts as Gold”. What a wonderful promise. I know that as I have trusted the Lord, especially since I have come on my mission, that he has healed my worries, my heart, and my sorrows. He continues to bless me and when I come before the Lord in prayer each night I don’t even know where to start in thanking God for everything he gave me and for the love and support.

We had a workshop on the Priesthood this week, and I don’t have enough time to explain everything, so if you have time go and watch the “”Mormon message”” on youtube. There is a clip of President Monson’s talk of the Priesthood given in the Priesthood session. It shows a young man and the steps he goes through when he has the Priesthood. I hope that makes sense and that you can find it because it is such an inspiring clip. I am SO thankful for the Priesthood each day! It is such a wonderful gift!

Every week we all have to prepare a sacrament talk on the assigned topic and then the President picks someone to speak. Every week thus far I have either wanted to be picked or felt like I was going to be picked, but I never was. Funny that this week I really didn’t think I was going to be asked to speak, and surprise, I was. haha Of course I had still prepared so that was good. I spoke on Repentance. I love preparing the talks for each Sunday because it gives me the chance to research and study different topics. It’s wonderful.

We were told that we are each assigned PERFECTLY to our individual missions. I love that. I love Latvia! I can’t wait to finally be there and serve the people. I can’t wait to meet everyone and speak the language all day long! I know and I have a testimony that I was called to Latvia for a reason. I KNOW it is where I am supposed to be. I am so thankful for that knowledge!

“For LATVIA!” as I love to say!

I have studied Helaman Chapter 5 (Click on link to read)  this week and it is such an incredible chapter and has been so inspiring to me that I just have to share it with you and ask you to read it. Especially you, Briggy! It is about Nephi and Lehi the missionaries and the miracles they see as they preach. It is INCREDIBLE. The Lord really does protect His missionaries and he is on our side working along side with us and this wonderful chapter sure teaches that beautifully.

Well I must be off. Time to do some laundry. I love you ALL more than I can say.

Thank you SO MUCH for all of the letters that you have all sent me! I will try my very hardest to write you all back!  I appreciate the letters more than I can say. They brighten my day and lift me up so thank you to everyone!

es mīlu jēzu kristu! es esmu pateicīgs par mūsu Debesu Tēva mīlestību! Es zinu, ka Jēzus Kristus evaņģēlis ir patiess!


Masa Galagera

Consider the Lilies song:

Mormon message on Youtube by President Monson:


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