Week 11: “Even as He walketh”

Well hello my Dear my Darling ones,
Well…. hmm where to start…I’ll just tell you some of the highlights
from this week.
1. K. proposed to her boyfriend J. so that she could get baptized with her sister on May 25th! We are so excited! So we are now planning a wedding. Dress, rings, flowers, food… it’s going to be lots of fun and we are SO excited that everything worked out and we continue to pray everyday that it continues to go as smoothly as it is going. K. wants to get baptized so badly. She and her sister are SO solid. They can’t wait to go back home to share the gospel with their family and friends. (a little place about 2 hours outside of Riga) We are all thrilled.
2. We did a service project where we chopped wood for an inactive member. We had the BEST time doing it. We had super old huge homemade axes and TONS of wood to chop up. We joked and laughed while the 4 of us (Elders and Sisters) chopped and worked hard. It seems silly that we had such a fun time doing it, but it was just an adventure and a half.

3. We are starting new church tours where we teach the restoration by taking them to different rooms. It is really, really neat. We are very excited to get it up and running and hope to find more investigators through it.
4. One thing I love to do is sing the hymns. Everyone here LOVES to hear us sing. Not because we sound good… haha… but because we know the songs. We sing at every lesson and people just love to try and follow along. I adore it. We sing for the older people especially because they think it’s just the greatest. There is one woman here who reminds me so much of Grandma Woolf. She loves to hear us sing and can’t say much. But I love her so much and she just compliments us on our struggle to sing. It’s the best.
5. I can’t remember if I said this last week, but I really feel that I have gone back in time. It’s crazy. When I walk down the street I feel like I’ve gone back to WW2 or right after at least. Sister Lindstrom said that people have a hard time talking about God because it’s only been about 20 years since they were even allowed to. It’s interesting.
6. We had a lesson with a woman named Z. from our English class. We watched the Restoration movie and when it was over she was sobbing. She just thanked us over and over and hugged us. We bore testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and I couldn’t help but get teary eyed as well. It was like a reunion for us. Strange, but talking about the restoration with her was just familiar to me. She is excited to learn more but she is really busy. She is so great! I just adore her.
She works 3 jobs so that her son can play soccer. She says he is really good and could go professional one day. She works so hard to let him do what he loves. She is such a good mother. We have another lesson set up this week with her. We are hoping everything goes well because we have high hopes for her.
7. We had Borsh (borsch/ Borš–spelling?) for break the fast with the whole ward this Sunday! The Branch President is from Russia and it’s some sort of Russian soup with pretty much everything you can think of inside. We made Texas sheet cake for the dessert and boy was that a big hit! They devoured it! But it was pretty delicious if I do say so myself. One of the members of the branch Presidency served a mission in Sacramento! Crazy huh. He is probably about 24 or so. He’s a good friend to the missionaries.
8. Spiritual thought for the day…. I randomly found this scripture in 1 John 2:6 as I was searching for something else. I ended up reading the whole chapter. I highly recommended reading it. But the verse that stuck out to me (verse 6) says,

“He that saith he abideth in Him ought also so to walk, even as He walketh.”
I love that. As missionaries we have the wonderful blessing of being the Lord’s representative. And I need to “WALK” as Christ did. To do what He did; to try and say what He would say. To teach as He would teach; to abide in Him. We all have the responsibility to walk as Christ did. To serve, to love, to walk in His footsteps, and as we do, He will abide in us. He will walk with us, and show us the way. I know that He is showing me the way. I am lost a lot of the time at what to say and how to say it, but He guides me and gives me strength.

Well Family I love you all! Thank you for all the e-mails and love! Congratulations to Cami and Matt! Happy for you guys! Have the best week ever and I will talk to you next Sunday! Happy almost Mothers day! LOVE YOU ALL.
-Masa Galagera

Maddie also invites all those to find ways to serve others. Whether it be in your home, in your church, or community.

Video One


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