Week 12: Consecrating your life for your mission

Hello, hello, hello!

It was SO wonderful talking to you all yesterday!! I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time! Also you said to still make sure I write a good e-mail, and I realized I didn’t even tell you about my week so no worries my beautiful family! I still have lots to say!

We went out to lunch at an authentic Latvian restaurant with the Elders last p-day! It was yummy. There is one wonderful older woman in our ward who feeds us when we teach her. She fed us lunch last week. I loved it! It was buckwheat with some kind of cream sauce. Simple, but yummy. Everyone drinks herbal tea here. I’ve become quite accustomed to it actually. It helps to get warm on cold days. We try new ones every day. Still can’t pick my favorites, but I’ve sure tried a lot! haha

We had Zone Conference this last Wednesday! It was fun to meet all the Latvian and Russian Elders and Sisters in Latvia right now. We talked about that one talk “the 4th missionary” (I think you read it Mom) It is wonderful and talks about the difference between sacrificing your life for your mission and consecrating your life for your mission. It’s all about your heart. It’s whether you heart is in the work. When you consecrate your time and life it’s not a sacrifice anymore. It is your life… I think it’s a process. I’m getting there. It helps that I love it here and the people so much. 🙂 I can’t say much to them in their own language, but I would do anything for them.

It was also fun meeting the other 2 Latvian sisters that I will be serving with soon. They are both very sweet. I can’t believe I have already been here a month! Nuts!

Riga is so big! Well, compared to Liepaja (lee-uh-pie-uh). I guess it is known as the “Eastern Europe Paris.” I heard that from some missionaries so don’t quote me on that. haha. But it is very beautiful! They have a huge grocery store in the city where they have lots of imported goods! SO I found yummy little things that I used to love to eat when we were in Austria (like those mini cracker/cookies with chocolate on the bottom…. Britt you’ll know what they are. The BEST!)

Our week last week was so busy. We practically ran around all day from lesson to lesson. I’ve never walked so fast so much in my life. haha. It was good though. Lots of good lessons. We went to a birthday party for an older woman named A. in our ward. She is the cutest little lady and I just adore her. It was actually a birthday party for everyone in the whole rest home for the whole year, but she sure thought she was the star. It was the best. We couldn’t stay long, but it was cute to hear the old ladies tell us how excited A. was to have us there. 🙂

We got to do some service for a woman in our ward named, D. She has 4 boys and her husband died a couple of years ago so she works really hard to provide for her family. We went to her garden about 20 minutes away, walked through a magical forest, and then through this cute gate and there were all of these gardens that belonged to a bunch of different people. It’s so great! Everyone just has their garden in the “country” and they go every once in a while as needed. We weeded and pulled up grass for a while. It was lots of fun. It made me want to have a garden like that one day.

We’re trying to get primary more organized here. There isn’t much of a structure or anything really happening…. so I’m taking over singing time since I’m the only one that can play piano. It’s hard to play the piano, sing the words with the kids, keep them quiet, teach them the words, etc while sitting behind the piano. So I have resorted to standing up, and trying my best to sing words in Latvian while sight-reading. haha it’s funny. But it’s fun, I love the kids so much and it’s easier to talk to them in my broken Latvian than some of the old babushkas that I can’t understand. haha.

All our other investigators are doing well. We have another very busy week. Busy is GOOD! It’s Wonderful! It’s still pretty cold. The wind makes it a lot colder than it actually is. burr burr! We got a call this morning from an inactive woman saying that 2 men came to her door yesterday saying they were Mormon missionaries, but they weren’t in suits and didn’t have name tags so she didn’t let them in. We aren’t too sure what’s going on with that! Or maybe…. she’s crazy? I have no idea. haha

Well I got to run. I love you all so much and it was SO wonderful seeing all of your beautiful, smiling faces!!! You all look SO GOOD!!! I am so excited for little Layna to come, Britt! You and Brandon look so great!!!! Hudson is still the cutest thing on the earth. Ah! He kills me! Caye you looked so wonderful and happy! Tell Brad I missed him and I’m sure he looks great too! 🙂 Kenna, WOW! Your hair looks SO good!! I love it so much. Maybe I’ll follow in your footsteps and chop my hair off too? Cami Congrats again on getting engaged! So happy for you and your ring is great and your hair looks great as always and you look happy and hurray for everything! Briggs, you’re still the biggest stud ever! I loved your jokes so much! hahahah You kill me. E-mail me some funny picture asap. Gotta have them. So funny. Mom and dad, it was good to see and talk to you! You both look so happy and healthy and beautiful! Thank you for all the compliments and stories. I’ll write again in a week, but in the mean time… have a wonderful week yourselves! I adore you all!

-masa gallagera


“The only measure of true greatness is how close a man can become like Jesus Christ. That man is greatest who is most like Christ. Those who love Him most will be most like him.” Ezra Taft Benson


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