Week 13: “Let us stay awake with Christ!”

Hello Dear ones!

Well it’s finally summer! Hurray! It has been so cold and the wind just makes it a million times more freezing. But Sunday we had a surprise! It was warm! Almost warm enough to not wear a jacket! We taught a lesson to a woman while walking along the beach in the warm setting sun. So beautiful! Today the sun is shining full blast! It’s gone from freezing to hot over night! But we are loving the sun today!

Well hmm… some fun adventures for the week:

Well, our hot water has been off for a week. So it’s either freezing FREEZING cold showers or heating up water on the stove. I prefer the warming up water because our house doesn’t have heating right now. haha. It’s been a fun little adventure for sure. But I’m getting good at showering with a pot of hot water and a cup.  Hopefully the hot water gets turned back on today.

On to missionary work related things…

Well K. has postponed her wedding until June 22. Which means we still have Z. baptism this Friday but K. will be the 22 of June. We did everything we could to have K. get baptized with her sister, but K. decided that it would be better for her boyfriend, J., to have more time. So we’re praying it all goes through and she stays strong. K. is so amazing. She has such a strong testimony. She’s so great and it’s so funny because sometimes when we take less-actives to her lessons she totally calls them out and tells them they need to come back to church. It’s the best. (Way better coming from an investigator than from us).

Z. asked me to speak at her baptism, which I don’t quite understand because she knows better than anyone how much Latvian I can speak. (And it’s not very much haha) But I’m happy to do it for her. I’d ask for ideas but it’s this Friday so I won’t be able to hear from you before then.

We have started our new church tour! It’s going great so far. Everybody breaks into tears when we talk about Christ, His atonement, and the Sacrament in the sacrament meeting hall. Hopefully it’s good crying. 🙂  We’ve only taken members through so far, but they seem to like it so we’re excited to start taking investigators through. I have loved talking about and studying the Sacrament this week. To paraphrase a talk I heard in the MTC… Sacrament meeting is a time for us to commemorate the savior and his sacrifice for us. When Christ was suffering in the garden it was so hard that He went to his disciples for comfort and help. All 3 were asleep and Christ said, “Can you not stay awake with me a while?” That happened 3 times so finally God sent an angel to comfort Christ. When we are in sacrament meeting are we sometimes like the 3 sleeping disciples? We play games, tickle each others backs, our minds wander, and our focus has been forgotten. During the time of the sacrament Christ says to us, “Can you not stay awake with me for a while?” We have one hour each week to completely dedicate to our Savior and remember his atoning sacrifice on our behalf. Let us stay awake with Christ!

I have come to realize how sensitive the spirit is during my couple months as a missionary. During one of our lessons with K. and Z. the spirit was SO strong. The entire room was just radiating. It was so wonderful. The spirit is always strong, but there are times when it is stronger than other times. It’s so great when you know that the spirit is there testifying of the things we are trying to teach.

I have been studying spiritual gifts the past couple days. I have to teach our district meeting next week (ideas on Spiritual gifts are welcomed because I teach a week from Tuesday so I will be able to read what you send me on it! Please! 🙂 ) Charity is a gift I pray for everyday. On Sunday I walked into church and I just was overwhelmed with so much love for everyone there. The little kids are so cute and they all just run up to us and hold our hands. The women all give us hugs. I could hardly handle how much love I felt for everyone! I just wanted to go around hugging everyone all day!  But really, I am thankful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with so much love for these people. They are so wonderful. Yesterday at church was the first time I have felt really at home here. I felt like this really is my home and not just where I am serving. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Our English class is almost over. Just one more week and then we start our one free private lesson for everyone so that we can ask him or her personally if they want to learn more about the gospel. They got spiritually hit last week when we watched finding faith in Christ. Hopefully some of them will accept our invitation to come unto Christ! We’ll see!

Well I love you all so much and I hope you have a fabulous week! “Keep calm and carry on!” Love you!

-Masa Gallagera



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