Week 14: a little miracle

Ok this week I have no time to write. We have had a very busy p-day. I’ll try to write back to your e-mails next week but this week we only have a little time.
We have a woman in our ward that is going on a mini mission. She is Latvian but she is serving in Lithuania and Estonia -Russian speaking until September. She is so excited to go it’s so cute. She is past the age to serve mini missions but Pres Boswell is still allowing it. I’m happy he is because she wanted to serve so badly! So today she got set apart so we went to that and then we had to run lots of errands for her to get mission stuff and pay rent, get shampoo, and clothes—everything! So we’ve been running around quite a bit today with not too much extra time.  I have just a bit of time to write before P-day is over and we have a lesson set up.

– CONGRATULATIONS To BRITT and BRAN and HUD BUD!!!! Hurray! Little Layna is now in the world! I looked at the picture and I seriously almost died. I was just practically screaming with joy for ten minutes. My comp might think I’m crazy. haha. She is the cutest thing in the whole entire world. Hud and her win for cutest little things I have ever seen. I don’t even know how to handle their cuteness!! Thanks for all of the cute pictures! I am so glad everything went well and everyone is healthy! I was getting off the bus in Riga when sister Millet called me with the good news! It was the best! Made my day of many hours on a bus so much happier. 🙂 (we had to go up to Riga to get my Visa)

-Well, we find out about transfers tomorrow. I’m kind of hoping something crazy doesn’t happen and they don’t make me leave Liepaja. I am just getting the hang of things. And I love it here. 🙂 We have such a happy little family of missionaries. It’s just us 4 and we see quite a bit of each other. Last P-day we all went shopping together.  We had lots of fun.

Also have I mentioned that we have the best bakery (in Latvia) in our town? It’s a ten min walk by our grocery store so we go every p-day and it is seriously SO YUMMY!!! A missionary from France said they are better than pastries in France. So that’s got to mean something. It’s my favorite!

-Last week we were walking to the church when I saw this old man trying to get across the street. He was in the very middle and cars were going all around him and he looked like he couldn’t move. So we ran over to him and asked if he needed help. We helped him walk all the way home. I honestly don’t know how he had walked all the way to the market by himself because he couldn’t take a step without our help. We had lots of fun talking to him. He said that I could come live with him. haha.  We went to visit him this week and to share a message with him, though it’s funny because he didn’t remember us at all. But he let us in and showed us pictures of his wife who has passed away. He’s a sweet old man.

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandma Olea Woolf!! I love and miss you so much!!

Oh, I have always loved cemeteries and my favorite one so far was in a little town in Northern England… but I found one that totally beats that one out. It is in Riga by the place where we get our visas. It is in a forest and it is HUGE!!!! You can walk and walk and walk through GREEN trees and bushes and flowers and mossy rocks and head stones and awesome old benches. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Also I’ve never heard so many birds all sing at the same time in my life. It was like a constant chorus of song. So beautiful. We had a little time to wait for our appointment so we walked through. It was so beautiful and so peaceful. As I walked through I felt so peaceful.

-Z. J. was Baptized this week! Hurray! It was so cute! She was so happy. I was so happy! She is just a ball of smiles. I stumbled through my talk, and President forgot to plug in the font so we were about 40 min late getting started. haha. oopsies|! But everything worked out and it was a beautiful day! I am so happy for her.

-I had a little miracle similar to one I had one of my first weeks here. I read in the White handbook that on preparation days we should still be looking for people to teach even during our preparation time. I realized that as we run to the grocery store, to buy bus tickets, to print pictures, and to grab this and that on Preparation day I sometimes forget the people walking around me, besides the “good day” I say to everyone walking by. When I read that in the white handbook I thought of the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants where God tells them to not walk swiftly while people dwindle in unbelief. (anybody know this reference?) So, I made a goal to talk with a certain amount of people on my next preparation-day. When that day came I tried talking to people and most of the time they wouldn’t even acknowledge me. But I had ONE more to fulfill my goal at the end of the day, so I went for it. I spoke with a lady named R. She was so kind and even though our conversation was very brief she was interested and gave me her number. We don’t always receive numbers and people aren’t always interested in what we have to share, but we need to keep trying and keep believing. I think Heavenly father definitely blessed me with a tender mercy that day and I was grateful for it.

-Our English class is over now for 6 weeks. This transfer we have our private lessons where we will also give them the new church tour and ask them if they want to learn more. Hopefully we will get more investigators. We met with a couple less-actives and some old investigators this past week.

-Our GREAT NEWS! Guess who is back? Remember S. F. the girl (age 17) who lives with her younger brother (age 7) and with her Grandma? Well, her Dad who has been gone for a year surprised her with his new wife from Asia. The Branch President called the missionaries to come to the church and wouldn’t tell us why. It was so cute when S. saw her dad coming. She ran to him and jumped in to his arms crying. His wife M. has been trying to get a visa for a long time and I guess it finally worked out. She only speaks English though. But E. and S. both speak English. S. speaks English fluently so that’s good. We’re so happy that their family is back together.

Well times up and I have to go. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and tell Layna Hi from me and I love her! Hope those of you who were in Lake Powell had fun! Thinking of you all and praying for you everyday! Until next week!
Oh also thank you for the birthday wishes!!!


Masa Gallagera


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