Week 15: Transfers: I’m staying in Liepaja!!

Hello hello hello!

Wow, I don’t know how time goes so fast when we e-mail! Thank you SO much everyone for all of the birthday e-mails and wonderful words of wisdom and fun updates! It was the best reading e-mails from you all. I am so happy to hear that you are having such a fun time planning the wedding, playing with the new baby, BBQs with the amazing McArthur family and camping, and Lake Powell-ing, and all that other fun stuff. Happy to hear the weather is so warm in the US of A.

Here on the other hand is still quite cold. I still wear sweats and a sweatshirt to bed along with hats, gloves, and winter coat during the day. haha. It’s great. You would not know that it is June here. We decided we’d rather have it cold than really, really hot. So it’s all right. This city sure is WINDY! It’s unbelievable how much wind there is. I think that’s what makes it so cold. But, like I said I like to sing the song from castaways “why cry about bad weather? Enjoy it!!” It makes me smile.

Transfers came and went and everything stayed the same down in Liepaja. I’m thankful for that because I wasn’t ready to leave yet! 🙂 I love it here. I guess there were some CRAZY transfers in the mission but I don’t know everything well enough to understand why it’s “crazy”.

Well my birthday was an adventure like most days here. My companion, Sister Lindstrom, was a sweetheart and made me coconut cupcakes that were delicious. Unfortunately, I learned that I am allergic to coconut. Opps. haha but that’s a story for another time. I had a sweet experience with a recent convert named V. She lives in a one room type building that consists of a couple one room apartments. Her sick mother lives on one couch and then there’s a bed and a wood burning stove. She is the sweetest, funniest lady. She always cracks up really loud when I make mistakes with the language, but it’s so funny to me. Anyways, she heard it was my birthday from Sis L. and she made me close my eyes while she searched through a box. She then stood in front of me and gave me a “speech/blessing” for my birthday about finding a husband and being healthy. (I don’t really know what she said… I can’t understand much because she only has one tooth left), and then she gave me this old necklace and bracelet of hers. It was so sweet! I put it on and we took pictures so I will be printing those out and giving them to her. She loves pictures and loves to look at pictures of herself while saying “cute! Pretty!!!!” Love her to death!!

On another day we went to V. again to help her move her ex-boyfriend’s stuff out of her house because he just got out of jail and wanted his stuff. We were wrapping all the dishes when I realized she was ripping up what looked like REALLY old magazines. Well yep, they were old! I started looking at them and they are old magazines/newspapers/journals from the 40s! And they were in German! They were SO awesome looking. She noticed me looking at them and then showed me how many she had…what looks like about 500 of them! Seriously the coolest things I have ever seen! She told me to take some home if I wanted because she has even more at her current boyfriend’s house. So my comp and I gladly chose a few. I don’t even know how old the rest were because as I went through them they got older and older.

Our 16 year old investigator, A. finally prayed with us in a lesson! It took a lot of practicing and writing it down on the board, and persuasive talking, but SHE DID IT! We were so proud of her and so happy! She has absolutely no religious background or belief in God so it has been very interesting to teach her. She asked us during our last lesson, “what’s Satan?” After sister L had said a comment about him…very interesting to start from the very beginning in that way.

Another cute story: Well this one sure made my day… we were contacting on the Tram one morning and I started talking to this older woman. We talked for a bit and then she told me she was going to the market to sell these little white flowers. She showed me and I said they were beautiful. She then got some out and gave me a beautiful bouquet of little white flowers. Sister Lindstrom could see from the back and made a face like what’s going on?!? haha The Lady was so cute. She wasn’t very interested in the church, but she was so sweet.

We went up to Riga last Tuesday to do more Visa stuff and to send R. the woman from our ward down here on her mini mission! She is opening a new area for Sisters in Latvia! (only Russian speaking though) so we’re very proud and happy for her!

Break the fast here is always such a good time. I love eating the real Latvian style of food. And they have such a feast together– it’s the best!

This weekend we have District conference with all of Latvia! The members are so excited and we’re renting a big bus to go up to Riga!
Also this next Monday is mission conference so I will be in Riga, and won’t be able to e-mail until a later day. Probably Tuesday but we don’t know yet. We are so excited for Mission conference because it’s the only time we get to see ALL the missionaries in the mission! Hurray! My visiting teacher from my ward back home is serving in Estonia! How random!

It’s now my turn to take the lead in getting us everywhere. I haven’t actually gotten lost yet, so I think my direction skills are improving. haha but it’s sure funny when I have no idea where we are for a little bit and Sis L is just staring waiting for me to figure it out.

The last week we spent some time going through the list of members here. It’s amazing how many members there are and how little they actually come. We are having different people from the ward go through the list with us and tell us what they know about each of the members that are inactive.

Well, that’s about it for this week. I love you all so much! Thank you again for all of the e-mails and birthday wishes! You are the best and I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Also shout outs…. Tell Erica I love her and I hope she loves the MTC!! Tell Lauren I hope she is having the BEST time in Africa! Tell Michael I love him and Thank you for the pictures!! Tell Kristi Allen thank you for the e-mail and the adorable pictures of the kiddies! 🙂 Marina looks so good in her little performance outfit! I hope that went well! Shout out to Layna! I love you! And shout out to everything else! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

This video is a great example of Prayer by a boy in Czech Republic. A lesson to members and those of other faith: just like my investigator who is learning to pray, sometimes we can all use a reminder of the power of prayer.


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