Week 23: “Eat moooore…”

Another week has flown by. Thank you again for all of your e-mails and updates! I love them! And Dad, I got your dearelders with the other Elders letters. Those were fun to read. It’s fun to read about different missions and see the differences.

I have a fun story to start off. After our preparation time ended last Tuesday, we had a lesson set up with a member of the Latvian branch. She called and said she was still at work, but that we could come see her there. So we did. She was the nicest lady in the whole world! She volunteers at this service place where they help the poor and needy. All her co-workers were SO happy to have us there and made us yummy fruit tea. There was also a family there and the little kids just hung all over us and showed us their drawings, and drew their names for me and they put on my tag and loved it. We had SO much fun just chatting with them. We are having an activity this Saturday so we invited the family to it and the kids were SO excited! I hope they come. But the funny part is that they came in with this HUGE bag of cucumbers. Delicious fat ones. They set it in front of me and said it was for me. So I took one and said thank you so much! Then all the ladies were like NO you have to take the WHOLE bag!!! And then they went on rants about how they are so good, last long, they are healthy, and I can make “cold soup” (tradition Latvian soup—not the biggest fan of it just yet….). They would NOT take “no” for an answer so we took a HUGE bag of cucumbers home with us. . They are So yummy! (you know how I love cucumbers!!) And we eat them at every meal. They are going faster than we thought. haha.

One of my favorite parts about where we live is the fact that there are fireworks randomly at night. We will hear a POP and we RUN out of our beds to the balcony and get to watch some fireworks. I still haven’t figure out why they go off so often. Also we have a man who plays the accordion at the park right behind our house so we get to hear him playing in the evenings. I have grown quite fond of it.

We are really trying to help members do missionary work so that has been a big focus these past 2 weeks. I have met with most members and all the less-actives that would let us come. Tonight we’re going to Elder Senkans house. What do you teach a 70? haha. We are nervous, but excited to get to know them more.

We’ve had some good contacts this week so hopefully these next few weeks we’ll get some new investigators! We got 2 this last week, which was huge for us so we are really excited!! I have learned that it really pays off when you follow what you planned the night before and hopefully by the spirit. I had an experience with that this last week. We had planned to go visit this one area and after we got everything done we only had about an hour until we needed to be home. I kept thinking oh let’s go somewhere closer or just contact closer to our house. BUT I knew that we had told the Lord that we were going to I.’s and he had people waiting for us there. So we didn’t change our plans and we followed what we had planned the night before in faith. Yes, we didn’t have a lot of time there, but we talked to some people along the way that were interested. It just goes to show the importance of following your inspired set plans.

Oh p.s. Fun little tidbit… I am getting a RUSSIAN tag!!! ha! I am super excited about it. And I had an interview with pres. Boswell and he told me to start learning Russian so that I can support my companion in teaching and what not. So that’s exciting.

Not that I will even get close to communicating in Russian haha but hopefully I can learn some.

I had a funny missionary moment this week. We went out to this one member’s house from the Russian branch to teach a lesson. We ate dinner before not knowing that they would feed us because that doesn’t exactly happen often here. BUT we walked in and they had a lot of food. We were both stuffed from our dinner. But we got some food and ate. V. (the husband) looked at my plate and said, “that is too little!!” He then proceeded to put lots and lots and lots of food on my plate. He put more than I would have put had I been starving to start with.

So I ate it. (Thankfully it was yummy!) When I was finally done –about to pop– and maybe throw up, he said, ‘MOOOOREEE!’ And put more food on my plate. hahah. I told him to stop but he was like NOO EAAAAT!!! hahahahh. I really thought I was going to die. I have never eaten so much in my life. But it was definitely funny. (not at the moment but thinking about it the next day… ha) I love V. He does all the Visa stuff for Missionaries so we know him well. He speaks Latvian but he always speaks Russian to me. And he keeps speaking Russian until he speaks so slowly and with hand motions that I kind of get what he’s saying. haha. Funny man.

Well, That about wraps it up for the week., I love you all and Good luck this last week getting ready for the wedding! I am helping in spirit, working along side with you all! 🙂 Love and miss you all!

-masa galgera
or in russian: cectpa гапагр


And here is a small excerpt from another email (Cailey) received. We thought it would be fun for you all to read about the food she eats/makes:

Also I will answer some questions. We cook lots of different things. I’ve made sweet and sour meatballs, pizza, ziti, fajitas, baked potatoes, homemade mac n cheese, pancakes, some Latvian meals… example… you cut up a sausage, cook rice, scramble an egg, and cut up one onion and one red pepper and mix it all together. haha. It’s actually really yummy. I eat lots of red peppers because I LOVE them now!! And they are so HUGE and delicious here!!! We also make Baltic tacos, pasta and fruit salad.  We make lots of different things everyday! Which brings me to a question… I have lots of recipes because my last comp e-mailed me a cookbook… but I want more.  It’s so great because I have TIME set aside to cook and money to do it… SO whenever you have a recipe that you like could you send it to me? Or put on my blog that I want recipes, if anyone wants to e-mail me some. Also I want some of mom’s recipes because it would be lovely to cook a ‘home’ meal like one of moms.


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