week: 24 Missions are the BEST thing

Hello my Beautiful Family.
And it’s appropriate to start my letter off like that because WOWeeeee!!! Cami and Matt you are the best looking couple ever! Man, oh man. My jaw dropped when I saw your engagement picture!! Ah. I can’t get over it. I am so excited for you two. Have the best wedding and reception ever and dance the night away for me. Someone’s gotta take my place on the dance floor. I will be thinking of you all and praying for cooler weather and a stress free day! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!

We have had a good week this week. I can’t believe we are on our last week this transfer! I am really hoping I don’t leave, but I know that I will love wherever I go. I will find out next Tuesday, so in 2 weeks I’ll let you know. Time goes so fast. I cannot believe I have been gone 6 months. I feel like I just left. But I am thankful I have a year left to keep growing, working, serving, and learning. Missions are the BEST thing!!! I love being a missionary.

We had our lesson with the Senkan family. The lesson went well and we had a fun time looking at pictures, eating watermelon and talking. Their daughter is on a mission at Temple Square so maybe Natalie Savage knows her. 🙂
But funny story… People kept saying their house was SO hard to find so we got psyched out a little bit. We were so nervous we wouldn’t get off on the right stop so we jumped off one and yep, it was wrong… so we started walking because we didn’t have enough time to wait for the next bus. Turns out we should have waited. To start out we crossed the street to take “the safer route” and we ended up stepping in a foot of water in grass that we didn’t see. So we started out our journey soaking hoping we’d dry before we got there. Almost an hour later we were still walking… through weeds, over train tracks, up dirty hills… haha we were like wild Indian girls. I was almost laughing the whole time because bad things just kept on happening. And there was NO but stop along the whole way. We walked about 3 1/2 miles and we FINALLY got there. We told the Senkans what happened and everyone laughed. It was so funny and a memory Sister Hanks and I will definitely remember.  Oh and to top it off the Zone leaders drove by on a bus on their way to Liepaja for exchanges… they called and said…”uh where are you going?” hahah it was hilarious.

We had a lesson with a lady in the Latvian branch that also is one for the journal. I called her a couple weeks ago and she basically said she didn’t want to meet with us. (she’s an almost active member and I met her at church. she’s the most sarcastic Latvian that there ever was–in her 40s) So then a couple weeks later she was leaving church and said “you better call me this week sisters!” I was confused, but did so anyways. We met and she started out our lesson like this, (with a smile on her face) “I didn’t want to meet with you. I didn’t want to come at all. I have NO desire to get to know you or meet with you. I don’t care about getting to know you. BUT the Holy Ghost told me I needed to meet with you. So here I am. Maybe there is something I need to learn form you. Hopefully I will learn it.” hahah (sister Hanks obviously didn’t know what was going on… so the lady made me translate into English so she would know) I honestly just smiled and said that I was glad she was here and that I knew she didn’t want to meet with us, but I hope that we can help in whatever way we can. So we spent some time getting to know her and telling her about ourselves and she really softened. We laughed and chatted and by the end she was super nice–still sarcastic–but hilarious! I was scared of her at first, but now I just adore her. She is the sassiest human ever and I love her to death!! Everything went very well and the lesson went great! (Thank you Heavenly Father!!) By the end she liked us and said she wants to meet again! Score! It was funny and I just adore her now.

We had a meeting with a young mother named L. that I contacted last week on the street. She is the coolest most down to earth person ever!! The lesson went SO awesome thanks to M.S a member who helped me. L. was so open and had so many questions. She even said at the end, “It’s a miracle that I am even here tonight. People have tried to get me to go to different churches my whole life. I don’t know why I came tonight, but it’s a miracle.” I have high hopes for her. I pray that everything will work out and she can continue to progress!!

We had our combined branch activity on Saturday! It was a hoot and a half! SUCCESS! We played lots of relays (including the cookie game from that family date—where you start with the cookie on your forehead and have to get it into your mouth without hands) and made flags for our teams and had a total blast!! The members had fun and got way into it! We want to have another one in the near future because the members know that it will be fun and they can invite their friends this time. haha.

I love it here so much. Really. I am so happy!! I know I will be happy where ever I go but I sure hope I have one more transfer here.

Have a wonderful week!!! Good luck with the wedding! I cannot believe it’s here and my baby sister Cami has grown up into a married woman! That’s nuts!! I love you all so much!

Masa Gallagera


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