Weel 26: My math stinks; I was transferred

Well I never have been very good at Math. Apparently 1+1 does not equal 2. It equals 3 and I was transferred to Rīga center last Thursday* (refer to last weeks letter)

Well here I am. Transfers calls came after District meeting and when elder Brabazon said I was going to Riga Center and Sister Hanks was going to train in Imanta the new Russian sister we looked at each other and almost cried. haha. It was all really confusing because president Boswell had told Elder Brabazon (Latvian District leader) and elder Osborn (Russian district leader) that I was staying in Imanta with sister Hanks and Elder Brabazon had passed off A. his investigator to me already and now I was going to have to tell her I was leaving. But I guess they changed their minds last minute. I was really sad to leave Imanta. I was so sure I was staying. Elder Bergeson my “companion” in the MTC haha is now the Latvian District leader in Imanta so he will be teaching my investigators including A. and L. He will do an awesome job! I am excited for him.

I was able to visit all the Less-actives in my area in Imanta before I left and was able to find a lot of people to pass off to the Elders. There was one sister from the branch who the branch President had written that she was actually in the center branch so we didn’t need to meet with her. But when I got here I found her teaching record and asked sister Kurr and sister Kurr said that she moved to Imanta and that she is awesome, just struggling a little. So I promptly called Imanta and told them to go find her! Hopefully they will find her and everything will work out. That was a miracle though that that got figured out and they can go rescue her.

Well now my new life is here in Rīga center, which I am already loving. Sister Kurr is my new companion. She is from Washington and is 22. (She is 2 transfers ahead of me). It is nice to have a Latvian companion to speak Latvian with and practice. We get along great and we have tons of fun together. She really is the nicest human on the planet. She has served her whole mission here in Rīga center so far. She has been here since January!

Moving on… we have some investigators here. One being sweet M. He is 33 but got in a car accident at 15 and he had brain trauma. We are not even sure if he is age 8 in his mind. We are trying to decide. But it is the branch President’s call. I honestly think he might be younger then that in some areas, but he does have a job cleaning McDonalds. We’re not sure about this, but he is a funny sweetheart! We are hoping that if we continue teaching him, his mom will start listening. She is an old investigator and from what I hear she has really felt the spirit but is so busy taking care of her 90 year old mother and working at other places. So hopefully, with time, she will come around.

We had a heart breaking lesson with a girl who was so awesome. She is around 23 and went to bible school She wanted to know about God’s plan but she did NOT want us to talk about the Book of Mormon. So we studied and found SO many wonderful scriptures to teach the plan of salvation and we were able to teach and answer so many questions that support everything and she thought it was interesting. BUT she is so closed off to the Book of Mormon and didn’t want to continue. It’s so sad that people recognize truth, but they refuse to embrace it. It was rough for us after because we had tried really hard.

We had a little miracle to brighten our lives right after. Z. J. was my investigator who got baptized in Liepaja. She now lives 4 hours outside of Rīga somewhere, but travels the 4 hours and back every Sunday to come to church. She is a SOLID ROCK! And she is the sweetest. She was so happy to see me and Sister Kurr because Sister Kurr taught her the first 2 lessons and then I taught her the rest when Z. moved to Liepaja. She just kept saying, ‘oh my, first and second sisters. You angels! I am so happy to be with you again!” as she hugged and kissed us. She is the best and we are teaching her the redemption lessons every Sunday before church. Z. and I laughed about the fact that now I can speak with her where as before it was a little bit harder to communicate. We were both so happy that it was easier to speak more freely with each other.

Yesterday was my first day in the center branch. It was so fun getting to know people. I (of course) love it here already. After church we were at the Bus station when this woman came running over and hugged sister Kurr and then me. Apparently she is an investigator and she said, “come to my house right now!!” so we hopped on the bus with her and went to her house. She is the most animated, hyper, funny Latvian I have ever met!! She hurried and fixed us some buckwheat with a forest mushroom sauce and the whole time she was just chatting and laughing and was so hilarious. I mentioned to her that I liked her arm chair because it was really big with flowers on it and she threw up her hands, screamed in joy, ran over to me and grabbed me and kissed me, laughing, and saying, “thank you, thank you, I am so happy you like it!” I am still a little confused at why she was so overjoyed, but I just adore her SO much. Such a funny lady.

Well that’s about all I have to say for today. I love you all so much and good luck starting school Cami and Matt and Lauren and all you other people! And I hope Cailey you feel better and I LOVED the story of Hud jumping in the pool! hahahahah He is the best little human EVER!!!!!!

-Sister gallacher




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