Week 27: Miracles and Rain!

First off Happy Birthday Briggy and Grandma!!! I love you both so much!! I sent a letter to Grandma, but silly me I put the wrong address and it came back to me. 😦 so I will send that out again. Brigg, did you get my letter? I hope you both have a fantastic day!! Love you both forever and ever!

Well another week has come and gone. This week really went SO fast. It blew my mind when I realized it was Sunday again.
I have been thinking a lot how grateful I am for my family. Thank you so much for all writing me e-mails every week even though I don’t always have time to write you all back individually. We really don’t have a lot of time on the computer so it’s hard to write back everyone personal letters. But just so you know I am SO grateful for every letter/e-mail you send me and I will try throughout my mission to write you all back personal letters. 🙂

Last preparation day we had the biggest down pour I have EVER seen in my life. It was literally the clouds had taken buckets and they were pouring them down on us. It unfortunately started RIGHT when we finished e-mailing and we had to walk to go meet the Elders to go to lunch. We had one umbrella that had broken from the wind so eventually we were just walking in the rain. I was cracking up because by the time we got to the bus stop it looked like we had jumped in a swimming pool and I am not even exaggerating. It was hilarious!! I love the rain here. And the thunder and lightning are unbelievable. I heard the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life that day.

We had so many miracles. It was great because my companion Sister Kerr had said that her Dad said he would pray for miracles for her that week, and boy did we get them. (I know you are all praying for me as well and I thank you so much for your prayers!!) We had an AWESOME week here in Rīga. We got 6 member present lessons and 7 others. Which is really a miracle. I know that in other missions they teach a lot more, but that might be the highest I’ve ever gotten here. We also got 3 new investigators, which was a miracle!! We have been having really hard lessons with people we have contacted on the street. They agree to meet and we find out later they agreed to meet only to fight with us. It’s been hard because a lot of the time I don’t have answers for all of their arguments so I just have to bear my testimony. But they can’t fight a testimony so I have found it’s the best thing to do. It’s been humbling realizing how little I know and how much I need to learn so I can be a better, more effective missionary. So many people just did not want to accept the book of Mormon and it breaks my heart because I KNOW it could change their lives if they would just READ it!!

But here is just one of the miracles we had this week: we were teaching a man named R. who is a neighbor of one of the members. We were watching the restoration movie when R.’s brother, P. came in. he just stared at the screen and he kept leaving, but then coming back again and watching. At the end he came in and was asking all these questions. Although R. didn’t want to take a Book of Mormon, P. was really interested and took a book of Mormon and asked when we could meet. It was wonderful and so exciting. We have a meeting set up with him next week.

I went back to Imanta to do my pass off lesson with L. to elder Bergeson. Man, I love Imanta so much. And it was sad saying by to L. we really were such good friends. But it was cute because when we hugged goodbye she said, “I’ll miss you, but I just have a feeling we’ll be together again. I just know it.” I know it too.

We’ve done lots of street contacting and in a few weeks we are having a genealogy seminar to help people learn how to do genealogy using all the new resources the church has. We did a fun finding activity where we went to a park and we drew a big family tree on the cement with chalk. There was a pedigree chart and then the Russian Sisters and us stopped people walking by and tried to get people to come to the seminar.  The chalk picture was great because it made people stop and look and a lot of kids came over bringing their parents with them. But of course it’s Latvia and the rain soon came.

We had a lesson with a member named H. who is 90 and she is the oldest member in Latvia. I just want to put her in my pocket and keep her with me she is so adorable. She opened 3 packages of cookies and insisted we eat them ALL!! Eventually Sister Kerr and I started putting them in our bags when she wasn’t looking because we could NOT eat another cookie without throwing up. haha. Latvian’s LOVE to stuff you to the brim.

We have some interesting people to meet with this next week. I hope our 3 new investigators can become ‘progressing’ investigators soon! But I am sure excited for this next week. Sister Kerr is fabulous and we have lots and lots of fun together. I love Rīga and I really love the branch here. I translated for Sacrament meeting yesterday for the senior missionary couples and of course when I had to do it we had visitors from Ireland and Finland that needed translation. Translating is hard because they speak so fast and sometimes they speak so quietly it’s hard to catch everything, but it is also fun for some reason.

Also we had a lesson with a less active and her husband used to be an investigator who was about to be baptized when he got into a bunch of anti-stuff. We went over and expected him to leave like he usually does, but he didn’t!! He got his Book of Mormon, sat down and stayed for the whole lesson!! We had decided to read Alma 32 with I. and discuss faith with her. It ended up being perfect especially for A. her husband. He had lots of interesting thoughtful comments and we couldn’t believe it. We are just PRAYING that he is willing to meet again because he was so ready to be baptized the last time. I remember Sister Kerr telling me about him a couple months ago.

Well I must be off. I love you all so much and I hope you have a fabulous week!!
ONE THING: We have been asked to show our pedigree/family history stuff to the members here to get them excited and I don’t have anything… is there any way I could get a pedigree chart next week? Just e-mailed or even in the mail would be great! Thank you! I love you forever!!
-Sister Gallacher


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