Week 28: Some Good Investigators and Grandma’s Passing

Hello my dear ones,

Well, I felt a deep loss when Grandma Woolf left the world. As Mom and Dad have probably told you, I didn’t know she was passing just yet,  but Wednesday night I was lying on my bed and an overwhelming feeling of love, sadness, and gratitude came over me for Grandma Woolf, and then of course for my whole family. I found out later, that specific time was right when Grandma died. How special that is that I also got to feel her passing. I love Grandma so much. I was thinking about it and Grandma Woolf is the reason that I look at the blue skies between the dead branches of an old tree and think how beautiful it is. She is the reason I feel rocks to see if the sun has made them warm by its rays. Olea Woolf is the reason I see so much beauty in nature, to swing on swings, to love to go on walks, to love watching airplanes fly through the sky, pancakes, and the reason why I stop whenever I see a bunch of flowers and admire the colors.

She made me want to buy every piece of pewter I see, why I adore old movies, why I loved to climb trees and still have the urge to scurry up a big tree when I see one, why I want to walk on brick walls, and why I like to climb fire hydrants, stand on the top and say “I’m king of the world!”, and so much more. Grandma Woolf was a part of my soul. But I am happy that she is not in pain anymore and she is happy. I am happy that she can be with me here in Latvia and help me along with the work. I love you Grandma!

How lucky I was to get to talk to you! I am grateful President Boswell is so kind. He told me Salt Lake Mission office said that it’s the missionary’s decision whether they want a phone call from their parents or not. So of COURSE I wanted it. And don’t worry, I miss you all so much, but I am not dealing with ‘after phone call’ effects. 🙂 I am so glad I got to hear your voices though! 🙂 And HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANNY!! I love you brother!!! 🙂

This week was a little tougher—work wise. We didn’t have as much luck and we got stood up a lot. Which made for LOTS of street contacting where we also didn’t have too much luck, BUT not to worry, our spirits are not down! We had a couple of wonderful moments that made up for the people yelling at us.

One of the miracles is a girl named I. We had been feeling like we needed to go to the area book and find some people in there. I remember hearing a promise from Elder Bennett that there are at least 2 people ready to be baptized in the area book. So we set aside a little time to find some people that looked promising. We picked a couple names and were going to call them later but I just felt like I needed to call this one girl, named I.

It was late and excuses about putting the call off until the next day entered my mind. But I pushed them away and I called her. She Answered! She remembered the missionaries and said she’d come to church. Oh ‘me of little faith’ didn’t believe her, because how many times have I heard that? A lot. But I said all right hopefully we’ll see you there. Well Sunday came and she walked in! She is 22 and is so adorable. She was so nice and she said she was REALLY surprised when I called her because she hasn’t spoken to the missionaries in 2 years. She agreed to meet next week and she is coming with us to FHE at one of the senior couples home. We are so very excited!

We have some good investigators! J. (24ish) is so very difficult and gets stuck on things that don’t matter like how long were Adam and Eve in the garden before they were cast out. It’s hard to keep him moving forward. Even though he says he doesn’t believe in God, and he is somewhat argumentative, he has read first Nephi already so I think he secretly has hope in all of this. 🙂 We met with P. and he is super cool! He is probably about 25 and he is very religious. He read from the book of Mormon even before our first lesson! It was great! He is very devoted to his church, but he wants to keep meeting so we’ll see what happens.

We met with an old man in the branch here. He was in the Russian and Latvian army back in the day. He showed us lots of awesome old pictures of him in the army and his family and also all of his medals, pins, knives and lots of cool stuff. It’s so interesting to hear about Latvia’s History from the people here. There have been some hard times that’s for sure. This man has a really hard time with forgiving himself and forgiving others. He has seen a lot of evil and I think he had to be apart of it during the soviet rule. He is so nice and funny though and we just love him.

Last week we went into a big Russian Orthodox Church. It was so interesting and very different from all of the art I studied at school. It was beautiful. There was an old lady that went around to every picture, kissed it, prayed and crossed herself multiple times. It was very touching to see her devotion to God. There really are so many babushkas here. But I feel like they are the most religious and the most faithful. But they are so devoted to their churches they aren’t always open to hearing about the Book of Mormon. I love them all though. They are sure a crack up even they yell at us, and others are just the sweetest little things.

It is getting a lot darker here lately. It’s weird to be contacting in the dark. I fee like the sun set 2 hours earlier over night. From here on out it will just keep getting colder and darker every day. Winter here we come!! I hear it’s supposed to be a cold one. Today however is pretty warm and the sun is shining bright! We are going with our district to a park and we are grilling some food and having a picnic! Super happy about that! 🙂

We started English class back up! I love it!! We have a pretty big class of around 15 people! Sister Kerr and I are teaching 2nd level. We have lots of fun.

All in all, this week was great. Still working hard and loving life of course.   I love you all SO much and I will be at Grandma’s funeral in spirit next Monday! I LOVE YOU!! Have a wonderful week!

-masa Gallagera


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