Week 29: A visit from Oma in my dream

Sveiki ģimene!!

What a week. This week went so fast I can hardly believe I am back on the computer! Dad I have been thinking a lot about the song “be still my soul” and so it made me smile when you wrote it at the end of your e-mail! 🙂 We actually sang it in sacrament meeting (the missionaries) last Sunday.

Fist let me say that I hope you all have a wonderful time at the funeral! Grandma visited me in my dreams last night. It was a wonderful occasion. I had wanted so badly to talk with her. It was interesting because in my dream she had still passed away but I went in to say bye and she got up and spoke with me for a while until other people walked in and then I looked over and she was lying on the bed and she was gone. It was fun to talk to her. I can just imagine her skipping around being so happy she is not confined in her mortal body. I also LOVE that you put a rock in her hand and flowers in the other. That is the definition of Grandma.

Ok here are some major points about the week:
1. I love teaching English. We have such a fun class. Last week we did directions. I drew a funny map on the chalkboard and they named the streets (a name they picked was potato street–just to show you how silly they are!)  Then they all had to tell each other how to get to different places. It’s too much fun. AND the Elders taught one of their students and he accepted baptism! We will start teaching them individually soon and hopefully some people will be interested in the gospel!
2. I got hit by a car last week. hahah. Nothing bad… no worries, but it made for a good story. I was standing on the curb waiting for a bus and there was a van that was WAY to close to the curb and hit my arm/shoulder. I was so surprised I didn’t really realize that had happened. I only felt the effects for a little while but all is well. Now I can say I was hit by a car on my mission!! and yes, I know Dad, I will be more careful! 🙂
3. We went on a picnic at this beautiful lake that looked like Lake Tahoe last Monday. It was so fun. We grilled meat and had a fun picnic with fruit and chips!

4. We had I. (the girl from the area book who came to church) come to FHE with us. There is such an AWESOME group of Young Single adults here. I have not been utilizing this FHE thing my whole mission! It is such a good way to introduce people to the church! So this last week I talked with a lot of young girls and guys and hopefully we will get them to come to FHE. Tonight 2 of our investigators are coming to FHE with us! P. and R. are brothers and so nice! (Ages around 26ish and 32ish)
5. We have 4 progressing investigators right now! Woo hoo! And they are all men!  We are struggling trying to find women to help with our lessons, but it will happen!

6. We had a miracle with J. our other investigator! We had a female member who was supposed to come that didn’t show up. So then we frantically called people to see if anyone was close to the church and could come because J. was THERE and we couldn’t teach him with out someone else. Thankfully right when we were about to give up the Elders walked in. they were just going to fax something to the office and then go out contacting. So they came in and were able to sit in on the lesson. The lesson went SO GOOD! J. is so stubborn and argumentative. We had planned to teach the 2nd half of the Plan of Salvation but we ended up discussing the Atonement the whole time and it was just so good. At the end we all bore our testimonies about how the spirit feels to us and how the spirit testifies of truth and how we are so happy to be in Latvia sharing this gospel. Then sister Kerr said she felt the spirit right then. So I asked J. how he felt and he said, “peaceful”. Normal J. would have never admitted that. We explained that that was the spirit and at the most spiritual point I invited him to come to church to feel the spirit more and he said YES! We were so HAPPY because he has been so against coming to church! Unfortunately something came up (opposition) and he wasn’t able to make it, but the fact that he is WILLING to come is a miracle. We are excited to keep working with him even though he’s quite tough.
7. Oh man, this week I have been trying to focus on things I need to improve. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because there is so much I need to do. I need to improve in so many areas. But step by step. There are so many aspects you need to be an effective teacher. But I am trying really hard.
8. We had the Family History night/fireside/seminar thing. It went really well and we already have an investigator out of it! Her name is also I. and she is probably in her 60s. She is awesome and she made us pancakes and made us eat lots and lots of tea and lots of old chocolate.  It was an adventure and a half. She is kind of gypsyish but I love her so much!

Well that about sums it up! I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week! I will be at the funeral in spirit!  Thank you so much everyone for the e-mails and pictures. It lifts my spirits to hear from you and hear what you’ve been up too. I am so sorry I don’t have a lot of time to write you all back. I am sorry about that but I will try harder. I hope you are doing well and I pray for all of your success, health, and happiness! Stay strong! Love you forever!


One response to “Week 29: A visit from Oma in my dream

  1. Elinor

    I believe that no matter how proficient or well studied or well spoken or even having high IQ or efficient anyone is as a teacher, none of the above means jack unless one absoloodle adores the human beings sitting in front of you. Because only then does your spirit speak to theirs, so I truly believe the effective teacher actually sees and hears the pupil in front of her even though they have not said a single word.
    Maddie you are pure Gallacher which translated into English means pure angelic Joy.

    My little feather, I do not believe you have any problems as an efficient teacher because all Gallachers know how to look people directly in the eye and see what is there in the heart and soul. So sad for all your current loss of your awesome Gran, Sad because one selfishly wants them here forever.
    Love YOU 4 ever.

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