Week 31: Fasting for investigators!

čau. So I realized while walking to the Internet cafe that I received my mission call a year ago!! (oct 5 2011) Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.

Let’s see… Investigators:
Ināra the young one is doing well. We met with her and she said she was SO happy when we called her and she really wants to be a part of this church. She just has some questions on why she needs to be baptized again. We had a lesson with her but she didn’t show up and then she didn’t come to church. We are hoping and praying she comes to FHE tonight so we can hopefully get another meeting with her.

Peteris: He loved church last week. Especially learning about the priesthood. But he also didn’t show up to his meeting or church. We do however, have a meeting tonight so we are just praying and hoping once again that he shows up.

Ināra: (the older lady) is wonderful! She already knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet…but she is struggling with the fact that it means that our church is true. She says she will get baptized if it is something God wants. So we are praying that she receives an answer that it IS what God wants. She is having some surgeries so I am not sure when we can meet again but we are going to go over with some flowers after her first one. She calls us her “children” haha. LOVE her!!

Evija and Viktors and their son Eddie came to church yesterday!! We were so excited. I really hope they continue forward because they are such a kind, solid family!

Ingo: disappeared. Can’t get a hold of him.

As you can see people didn’t really show up to their lessons this week. But never fear! We will get them next week! We had lots of good times to go knocking in the Domes and let me just tell you, the funny crazy stories from my mission will come from dome knocking. You want an adventure? Knock a dome for an evening. haha.

We do have lots of private English lessons now with our English students. We offer one private lesson to each student so we can meet one on one and see if they would be interested in meeting with us to learn about the church. I LOVE teaching English! Our class this time around was so awesome and we just laughed and had so much fun. AND they were all really respectful and listened during our spiritual thoughts. And not one of them left during! hah. score! We told them that one of us wont be here when we start up the classes again in 2 weeks and my favorite lady Erika said that she will write our prophet and request for both of us to stay here! haha. When we met with her she gave us lots of chocolate and bought us both a book on Latvia.

I unfortunately got really sick this week. I am not quite sure what is wrong but it’s been nausea and headaches galore. I think I need to change my diet somehow because I am usually sick after I eat. Today I am holding off on food to see if I feel better. I hate being sick as a missionary. It’s hard to teach when you feel awful, but I hate staying home. Sister Davis, one of the senior missionaries, commanded me to go home and eat soup and go to bed the other night. haha. It just stinks because I hate feeling lazy. I used to be ok with that before my mission. Definitely changed. It’s GO GO GO now. But I am already feeling somewhat better today! So it’s lookin’ up!!

Speaking of today…. We are going to a town called Sīgulda! We hear it’s BEAUTIFUL in the Fall. The leaves are all red and yellow and there is a castle there or something. I am not quite sure what the details are. We are going with Marta (a 20 year old member who is AWESOME and wants to go on a mission) and Iveta an investigator who actually is living in Liepāja but comes to Rīga for church because she has lots of friends here. Should be fun!

Well that’s it for now! On Tuesday we get 23 new Missionaries in the field. That means that 33 % of the mission will be brand new!! Every single elder in Lithuania will be training. Including Elder Packham who is just finishing being trained! We get 2 new Māsas!! So they will be either opening up Jelgava or Imanta again to Latvian sisters. Sisters have never been to Jelgava yet, so we are secretly hoping one of us gets sent there!

But since our district right now is just us and the Zone leaders we get to follow them around for District meetings. We are what we like to call the Zone Māsas. haha We got to go to Jelgava last Tuesday for District meeting and it was really fun to see the tiny town. There are only 2 Elders there and they live in the church building!

Last but not least: our mission is starting the Book of Mormon on Sunday and we are reading it through in 80 days and finishing on Christmas as our gift to Christ. We will highlight the Christ like attribute of Charity and another color for the Christ like attribute of our choice. The District presidency of Latvia loved the idea so they are getting all the branches involved as well. So we will all be reading it together! Feel free to join in with us! 🙂

Well love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!  We are fasting for our mission to reach our goal of baptizing 32 more people by the end of the year. It’s a big goal but the entire mission is fasting for it this Sunday. We can do it! Love you all!



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