Week 34: A successful Contacting Day

Hello, hello, family of mine!

What a week we had. Every week is always eventful as a missionary. Even if all you do is knock doors and contact in the streets. Speaking of contacting, I think I had my most favorite contacting day ever. We were planning out our day on Friday for Saturday and we had nothing: No lessons. Not meetings. Which left 8 hours of straight up contacting and knocking. (Thankfully the Elders called and wanted us to watch one of the conference sessions in Latvian with the branch on Sat in case any random people showed up. That took up 2 hours)

So we set off for our many hours of contacting and started in on a path behind our house. We had planned the night before to go that way but as we were leaving we almost changed our minds, however I remembered an experience I had 2 transfers ago about following the plans you set and so we went.

On the way there we contacted this lady who quickly rejected us. We kept walking when we heard a man yell, “girls!” We turned around and a 40ish year old man motioned us over. It was a crazy experience. He said his mom died 20 years ago and he still can’t get rid of the pain. He said that she comes to him often in dreams and he wanted us to pray for him to find peace.

We taught him a lesson about the plan of salvation and about baptism and invited him to be baptized so that he could experience the amazing peace, and love that comes from Christ when we follow his example. He said that he needed to come to church first. (He works all day every Sunday so we will have to figure something out about that) We will see what happens with him but it was yet another answer to me that we must stick with the inspired plans that we set the night before hopefully set by the spirit.

But to finish the contacting time… We had a LOVELY walk through the forest with yellow leaves everywhere. There were tons of people on the path that day and we had some interesting and good conversations. It really is the best, most magical little path. Latvia’s forests are like no other. So beautiful!

Unfortunately we seem to be loosing our investigators. They are all too busy or they never answer their phones, or they don’t show up for lessons. We aren’t giving up on them though. Never.

We started up English class again! Hurray! I love teaching English. We have a lot of the same students, but some new ones as well! yahoo!

I was blessed to hear a fireside given by the Eastern Europe patriarch. He came and we were only allowed to go if we brought an investigator. We had a lesson with one of our English students, but she couldn’t stay. Then our other investigator and her husband ended up being there because they hadn’t heard that English was canceled that day and so they stayed and we got to stay with them. I am SO grateful they heard it because it was really powerful and amazing. He talked about the spiritual gifts we are all given and how we need to develop them to bless others lives. It was inspiring.

We watched General Conference in Latvian with the branch on Sunday. It was really good of course, and I had the best time because one of the member’s (he’s in the Latvia district presidency) 3-4 year old son talked to me part of the time. haha. He was playing with one of my tags and coloring in my notebook. I loved it. Little kids speaking Latvian is the cutest thing ever… he reminded me of Hudson. So cute!

Whenever we meet with this older less-active member in the ward he always gets so excited that we are there and he shows us lots of really old pictures of the wars he has been in. Honestly these pictures are so awesome and unique they belong in museums! It’s so cool! He was in the Latvian army and also the Russian army and possibly the KGB. But he is the sweetest little man and it’s always so interesting to see his collections.

Well all in all it was another fun and happy week. Winter is coming, but I am sure enjoying fall here! I just adore fall. It’s my favorite season. I hope you all had a wonderful week! I love you all lots!


If you ever wonder what we explain when we contact… here’s a small video that demonstrates it well! 🙂


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