Week 35: “I won’t Give up Hope”

Well, hello snow! We were hoping it would wait until November but it decided to come a little early. We woke up to a winter wonderland on Friday and it snowed ALL day long: without a stop. Somehow the temperature dropped super fast. It is quite chilly, but we are making it through with coats and scarves and hats. It’s been about 30-31 F degrees, and according to the members, it’s going to be a cold winter. Which apparently rumor has it, it will be all over the world. I actually really love snow. Maybe living with it for part of my life gave me a soft spot for it, but I just adore it. My companions were not too happy when we woke up to it, but I just couldn’t wipe off the silly grin off my face. They think I am crazy. I probably am.

Last week for Pday we went to a place called Salaspils. It was an intense concentration camp. It is in the middle of a forest and we had to take a train and then walk 30 minutes through the woods. So many people were killed there so in commemoration they have a heart beat sound system that they put in the ground. You can hear as you walk through the camp. It’s intense and very solemn. They have HUGE statues that all represent different people. The concentration camp consisted of a racetrack that the people had to dig up and make and then they were forced to run races while soldiers shot at them and let out dogs that would come and attack the runners. The winner was the only one who lived, but then he just had to run in the next race. Then the people had to tare up the track and build it again. What awful times. Oddly enough, there was a random dog running along the track the whole time we were there. I thought that was kind of creepy.

I keep forgetting whether I told you what happened to my investigator from Imanta or not, so if I did you can erase this part. Unfortunately, her husband made the decision that he didn’t like the church and it was hurting their marriage so she decided to stop meeting with missionaries and won’t respond to any calls or texts. My heart really broke when I heard that because I had so much faith in her and she was so awesome.


I won’t give up hope because do you remember Agnese from Imanta? My MTC teacher taught her when she was on her mission and she fell away. But she met with missionaries again and she was the Elders investigator and then Elder Brabazon was going to pass her to me but I got transferred. Well she got into a lot of Anti-stuff and fell away for a while. However, then she just couldn’t get the Book of Momron out of her mind so she prayed about it all week and every night had dreams about it! She woke up feeling all warm– like she was wrapped in blankets. Well she decided to get baptized and was last Saturday! Hurray! I was SO happy when I heard!

We were finally able to meet with our investigator Peteris again and he is going to come to Family Home Evening tonight. We have a lot of people to work with. They just haven’t been showing up to our lessons. We are trying hard to continue to find more through street contacting and knocking and any other activity we can think of. We got to come up with some activities for this weather because it’s too cold to be contacting for 3 hours straight. One time we counted and it took 85 contacts to get one phone number in 2 hours. And the phone number came from the very LAST person we contacted before we went in for lunch. Just goes to show that you can’t let anyone pass you by.

I have been working on my prayers lately. I have been trying to pray for very specific things because this way I can fully see Heavenly Father answer them. If I just say, “please bless my investigators…” what does that mean? How will I know that he blessed them? So I have been praying very specifically and I wanted to ask you if there are specific things I could pray for each of you at home right now: Friends and family!

Well I love you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day and week! Until next time! Stay tuned…. 🙂

-Māsa galagera

We’re in for a COLD winter!!

SNOW in Latvia!

The Sisters at the Concentration camp memorial


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