Week 37: “health and happiness are more important than money.”

Hello fam bam alam!

Well another week has flown on by. I can’t believe how fast October went and how fast November is already going!
So here are some highlights of this week.
1. We had our last English class and one of my students Ērika, whom I love and adore, wrote me a letter. Oh man. It is SO good! She is probably in her mid 60’s and we just have the best time together. Here are some quotes from it.

I know you have a large family in America. You certainly live friendly, love each other and take care of everybody. You have definitely many friends and a big dog at home. This is the darling of your family isn’t it?
Well there you go. Shout out to Belle and Sammy. haha I don’t even remember saying I had a dog….
You family certainly has a nice house, which is the big building with many bathrooms.
Also I have no idea where that came from…. hahah
the ending note is the best: “health and happiness are more important than money.”
Oh dear I love her so much!!!

2. So they are building a church building in Rīga center!! Hurray! We currently meet on the second floor of a building above a clothing store (that we all secretly think is a part of the mafia because no one ever goes in or out and it is REALLY nice…but that’s been the mission joke for years) This Saturday we got to go to the lot and all the missionaries and some members picked up trash, raked and bagged leaves for 2 hours. It was refreshing to work outside and we sure had lots of fun doing it. I am so excited for the church to be built. It’s going to be beautiful! I most likely won’t be here by the time it’s done, but I can’t wait to see pictures one day.

3. Our investigator Renāte who we met in our English class hadn’t met with us since her last lesson where we had invited her to be baptized. I was really good friends with her and we got along very well. She didn’t come to English class for a bout a week and then she was there our last day! She came up and talked to me after and said that she has been sick. I asked her if everything was ok and a little about how she felt about meeting with us. I was so happy because she was so honest with me. She said that she just didn’t feel the need to get baptized again and so she felt uncomfortable. We talked a little and then she was telling me about how she has these back problems and so we asked her if she wanted a blessing. She actually said yes! So we called the Elders and they quickly came and explained what they would do. It was so cute because she was nervous, but the spirit was really strong. After the blessing she said, “Okay well, we’ll meet soon.” Oh I hope and pray that she will accept the gospel. She is so wonderful and she has the sweetest spirit.

4. We went knocking one night and we knocked on this one door and got no answer. So we moved on to the next two. Then all the sudden the first door opened and a Bull dog comes RUNNING out towards us. It jumps all over us and licks everything (my boots were practically soaked with slobber). My companion Sister Kerr, HATED it so she was freaking out, I am giggling because it’s so funny and then this guy comes out in a full on karate costume. He just had the biggest grin on his face. He was the goofiest guy ever and was just laughing at his dog. So then I start teaching him about the Book of Mormon while sister Kerr was running away from the dog screaming. To save the day, sister Nelson takes over and is trying to get the dog from sister Kerr. Eventually sister Kerr was hiding in the corner and sister Nelson was just letting the dog jump all over her while I am trying to talk to this man, almost laughing out loud. It was a moment to remember. He said he might come to church and we set up a meeting for after church. He didn’t show up, BUT he did call us and say that he will next week. Usually people don’t even call so that’s a step!

Well that’s about all the news I have for this week! Thank you for all of your e-mails and some of you said that you don’t know if I have time to read them all, but just so you know I print them out so every words gets read! I love to hear how you are all doing!! Have a wonderful week! Love you lots!

-Māsa Galagera

Below is a nice video of how we as people can be more grateful of our trials and how God is shaping us to become the men and women he desires of us.


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