Week 38: “Loving others starts with Loving God”

Hello again dear ones!

Happy Thanksgiving!! And Happy Anniversary mom and dad!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week! The senior couples are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the missionaries and it is going to be a party! We are so excited!

Well transfers have come and gone. I knew that something was changing. I could just feel it! I am still here in Rīga center with Sister nelson, but sister Kerr was transferred to Jelgava with a Russian! Hurray hurray Jelgava is opened to sisters! I am so happy sister Kerr gets to serve there. She has served her whole mission here in center and I think this will be a good change for her.

Sister Nelson and I are having too much fun! We crack each other up. Every morning when we try to sing a hymn to start companionship study something makes us laugh and we have a hard time getting through the hymn. It really is quite hilarious. I was really happy to stay in Rīga for Christmas!! I can’t wait to see all the Christmas markets! Plus I love my District and the branch here, so life really couldn’t get much better.

Except it DID!!!! Guess what?!?!? They combined the Imanta and the Rīga center branches!!! You know what this means? I get to see my beloved Imanta members every Sunday!! I am so happy about it; I sometimes start getting teary eyed. It will be a huge sacrifice for a lot of the members. Some will have to travel almost 2 hours to get the center building.

Plus they have a church building over there and they have to leave it behind for now. They need the branch to be strong enough to get this new church building in Rīga built. It will be good to have such a strong branch! I love the Rīga branch members and I love the Imanta branch members and now we are all together! Hurray! Grandma Senkane and I hugged and laughed as she gave me an apple she had picked from somewhere and brought to church for me. haha I love her so much! She is the funniest Latvian I know!!

I really love the missionaries I am serving with. That is one thing I didn’t realize before the mission. I had no idea how much we would see each other, work together, and how each District I am in becomes a little family.

We have a new Investigator named Vik (not for long because we found out he lives in the assistants area so we will have to pass him off to them this week). He is from India, but then moved to Scotland so he is fluent in English. He learned Russian and is now teaching English here. It has been so much fun to teach in English this past week.

All he does is work and read so he has a lot of time. We met with him 4 times last week and we have another meeting with him tonight! President Boswell called us on Saturday and said sister Boswell and he would like to teach a lesson with us if we had one. It was great because we had one in ENGLISH so they could participate. It was fun to have them there. And boy was it intense. President Boswell is truly amazing and so is his lovely wife. It was fun to teach with them.

Vik is one of the coolest people I have ever met! He is 26 and has so many questions. I honestly didn’t know that lessons (like the ones we have had) exist! He doesn’t smoke or drink and he wants so badly to find God and to find peace. He is reading the bible and the Book of Mormon and he is soaring through them. He has such a sincere desire to do the right thing and just keeps asking us what he needs to do.

In one lesson it was said that to find happiness and peace he needs to keep the commandments God has given us and he said, “well what are these commandments so I can live them!”

He isn’t too sure about baptism right now because that would be a huge change for him and a big commitment. We watched the Restoration film last night and committed him to pray about the Book of Mormon so we will see what happens tonight!

I have been thinking a lot about Love lately. What does it mean to love someone? What does it mean to love these people? How do I love them so much? Where did all this love come from? I realized that love all starts with loving God. Once someone realizes their relationship with God and how much he loves them it is easier for them to love God. Once we have that love for God we can be endowed with God’s love for others.

I’ve been praying for love and as God always does, he answers my prayers everyday. In Relief society we all had to stand up and introduce each other. I was the last one to go and after I made a joke about how I love to talk about the gospel so if they have any friends or family members who want to learn about it to call us… I said how happy I was that Imanta will be with us now and I got all teary eyed and barely held it together as I expressed how much I loved them.

I not only love them, but I LOVE all of you! I hope you have a wonderful day and Thanksgiving!! I pray for you all everyday!!
Es jūs Mīlu!!!
-Māsa Galagera


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