Week 40: Vau! What a Week!

Hello December!
I know I said it last week, but I still can’t believe it is December! Wow! or “Vau!” in Latvian. haha. (I saw that on a sign on the way to e-mail and I almost giggled out loud). I love Latvian so much.

We started up English again. We have all the same students except for 2 new. One is our investigator, Vasis, and the other is a girl in her 20s. I was SO happy when she and her mom walked in!! So earlier this week I contacted a woman named Valentina on the bus and we talked a little and I invited her to English and was able to tell her about the Book of Mormon and give her one! Then she showed up at English with her daughter! So Valentina is in the first level and her daughter Laura is in our class. It always makes your day when someone you contacted shows up to English or to a lesson for that matter.

Vasis is doing well. He mentioned in his last lesson that he had been to Jerusalem. He said it quickly and the conversation moved quickly forward. (we had 2 members there and they were both talking) I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I couldn’t even hear what was going on! I just kept hearing “he’s been to Jerusalem? Why? What did he want? Ask him Why!?” So I waited until there was a break in between speaking and I asked him. “Why did you go to Jerusalem?” Then he got kind of quiet and said, “Well I was looking for answers. I found many, but I still have many.” And that was the most open about his personal life Vasis has ever been.

Vasis acts like he doesn’t really believe in anything but an all-powerful power in the universe and that there are many pathways back to that power, but I know better. As soon as he said he had been to Jerusalem I knew that all this is just a front he puts on. He wants to believe. He says he doesn’t believe in Christ, but I just KNOW that he wants to. That’s what he is searching for. He wants to find a reason to believe in Christ. He is super funny and is open with questions, but when it comes to his personal life he is a little more closed off. I still don’t really know where he lives, however I know it’s not in our area so when we find out we will have to pass him off to the elders. (Story of my mission…. I can find investigators, but to find the ones that live in OUR area… well that’s another story…) Vasis and I like to joke around and he calls us the “cool sisters” haha. I love him so much! We have another lesson with him tonight and we are going to watch, “finding faith in Christ”.

We’ve had so many amazing members help us with our lessons. Zane, Elina, Aivars, Renārs… everyone is so willing to help it amazes me. Definitely makes me realize how little I helped the missionaries before my mission. But I hope to change that when I get back!

So I had a miracle this week! Do you remember Evija? She was found through English and she has a husband and 2 kids. We met with her for a while, but she kind of faded and stopped answering our calls. One day I was praying and I felt like I should pray for her. So I pleaded that she would answer the phone and meet with us. So then I thought, well I asked so I better call! So I did, and lo and behold she answered!! After chatting a bit I asked her if she was interested in meeting with us to learn more about our church and she said yes!! Hurray!! So we met with her and her husband on Sunday before church! They are both SUPER shy and hardly talk at all. It’s kind of hard to teach them because they are so shy and quiet, but they have such sweet spirits and I hope we can help them.

I think the snow is here to stay. I really like snow, but when you’re a 45-minute walk away from your house and the snow is blowing in your face a million miles an hour it’s not the most fun. haha. Don’t worry Mom, I use that white knitted scarf you bought me and pull it up around my head and face and it’s all good! But snow really does make the world so beautiful!

We had another “walk in to church miracle” Last Sunday! A mom and her 2 sons walked in and I noticed them and didn’t recognize them so I went up and Vinita (the mom) said, “This is our first time. What do we do?” So I took them to where we have sacrament meeting and sat with them. She is the nicest lady and the 2 boys are Aleksandrs-13 and Edgars-8. They are so sweet and they LOVE to sing so they LOVED Primary! Vinita said they don’t go to church, but wanted to find one and Aivars Bite invited them to his church! (Way to go!) She was so interested in learning and after I asked her if we could meet this week and she said, “Oh yes! So you’ll be my teacher yeah?” I said “well yeah, kind of.” And she said, “good because I don’t know anything about God and Christ and I want to know everything!”  Well I can help with that! 🙂 Maybe not everything though… haha. I also found out she doesn’t live in my area either SO another pass off lesson will happen soon.

All in all we had a wonderful week. Looking forward to the next week. I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Good luck to Cami and Matt preparing for Finals! And good luck to briggs with his ACT test! I love you all!

Masa G
1. One of the missionaries here (Elder Schmidt) has a little bro who’s name is Parker Schmidt. Apparently Parker was on the Canadian version of American Idol or something and he made it really far and he just released his single. Apparently he’s like Justin Bieber so for all you Justin Bieber lovers, you should look up Parker Schmidt.
2. I am telling my English class funny colloquial phrases or Idioms like “see ya later Alligator”, or “when pigs fly”, or “get out of town”. They think it’s hilarious. Do you have any good ones I could tell them? I am running out! Ideas would be much appreciated! 🙂

Me and my companion

Me and my companion


Latvia’s Crest


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