Week 41: Treasure up the Word

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! eeeevvverrrywheeerrreee you go!….. I love Christmas. Maybe it looks like Christmas because the world is covered in WHITE. Or maybe because in Riga Center there are Christmas markets and Christmas music playing all the time. Or maybe it’s because people seem happier this time of year even with the darkness. They say January and February are going to be the coldest and so I am soaking up all this fun happiness as much as I can.

Well here are some updates!

Vasis: We had a lesson with him last Monday night where we watched finding faith in Christ. The spirit was So strong and we discussed Christ and his role in our lives. After the movie we asked what he thought and he said, “There is a light. I don’t know what to say about it, but that there is just a light about it all” It was wonderful. We invited him to be baptized and from what I could tell, he ALMOST said yes. I could see him wanting too, but struggling with something. Eventually that something won and he said he’s not ready. He said his head fights with everything. So we had a lesson later that week with the Boswells. (that was interesting because I have to translate back and forth…funniest moment: When president Boswell said, “this all comes down to what you think is an ethical norm and moral absolute” my eyes widened and sister Boswell giggled. I tried my best to translate that one. Thank goodness for finding other words to mean the same things. haha) Vasis was a little more closed off in that lesson. I’m not quite sure why. He doesn’t really agree on some things, but we have another lesson with him tonight. Hopefully all goes well.

Evija: We had an amazing lesson with her. She hadn’t read the Book of Mormon and her Husband Viktors didn’t show up so we said we’d read with her. We opened the BOM and the chapter we had chosen just didn’t seem right. I looked through the pages and everything I turned too just felt wrong. So I went to 3rd Nephi. And I fell on Chapter 11. I knew that was it. All of the sudden I felt peace. So I said this is the one! We started reading with her and the spirit really guided us to share spiritual experience with different things found in the verses, to explain certain words, to ask certain questions…. it was wonderful! At the end she said, “When I read the Book of Mormon I think I understand everything, but after you asked me those questions I realize I don’t and that I can study them so much more and learn so much more from them!” Yes! That’s exactly what we wanted to hear! 🙂 Hopefully Viktors can get back on board.

Do you remember that one story I told you a couple weeks ago about how when we were knocking that guy came out in a karate costume and his dog was jumping all over us? Well I think I mentioned how he came to church and then we had a meeting with him this last week and he came to church again! Woo hoo! He is an interesting guy. He is an artist and is pretty good.

The missionaries in Riga are going to sing at a Christmas market in the next couple weeks so we are practicing a bunch of Christmas songs in Latvian. It’s going to be really fun! Unfortunately I think I am going to be transferred. Transfers are a week early so on the 20th of Dec. Too bad it’s right before Christmas! But well see what happens. We are borrowing the Senkans guitar and Elder Schmidt is playing while we sing. I got to play the guitar a little and oh boy I was so happy. I do miss playing the guitar, but I am thankful I have the opportunity to play the piano! I thought of you Briggs! You should send me a video of you playing! 🙂

We had lots of missionary meetings this week. We had Zone training, which is where the Zone meets together every month and the Zone leaders teach us. Then a special District meeting where the Assistants and the Boswells taught us. It was really good. In one of them we talked about treasuring up the word and what that really means. I feel like that is something I am learning to do on my mission. I have always loved the scriptures and have learned a lot. However, it’s been different since the moment I stepped into the MTC. Christmas time is coming which means we are almost done with the Book of Mormon! I read the it in Latvian in my first 2 transfers and I’m reading it again. It’s fun to see how much more I understand this time around. haha.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week! Sing lots of Christmas songs over the piano from our favorite Christmas book (you know the one we all got for Christmas last year! :))
I love you SOOO much! When I look at the moon I catch the love you send Mom! Just know when you aaallll look at the moon I am sending you my love as well! 🙂

Also, about skyping Christmas Day: Anyone and everyone are invited to the call. Whoever wants to be there is fine with me. I have 40 minutes and I’m still not 100% sure about the times because I may be transferred but we are getting a sign up sheet and I will let you know next week!

-Masa Galagera

p.s. If you are wondering what the weather is like for me in Latvia Click Below:


Here is a fun Video about Christmas in Riga:


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