Week 43: Christmas Time

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!!

I have had a wonderful week! Sad news Sister Nelson got transferred to Liepija. Happy news: I am still here in Riga! So I got my Christmas wish! And I am serving with Sister Clark who is absolutely amazing!! She is the oldest out of us all and is so wise. πŸ™‚ She is a champ at the language so I am learning a lot! I was so very happy to stay here in Riga center for Christmas! I know I would love being anywhere at anytime, but my heart wanted to stay here. Oh and I got your package! But I have been a good little girl and I haven’t opened it! So I will have a wonderful Christmas morning!
So here are some updates:
1. Dzintar’s baptismal date has to be pushed back to the end of January or so. He has a hard time understanding things and had a slip up with the word of wisdom. But all is still going well and he came to the ward Christmas party.

2. We had an awesome lesson with Vasis with the Millets. (ps the Millets are AMAZING!) He really liked them. It was nice because all I really did in that lesson was translate Elder Millets wise words. πŸ™‚

We talked about Baptism and Vasis had a whole bunch of questions. We had to cut it off before he figured everything out so we met the very next morning. Vasis was different that morning. He was a little more argumentative and didn’t leave the best first impression on my new companion,nbut I still continue to love that guy! We invited him to the baptism we had on Saturday and we said we would meet at 11 at the bus stop. He said very seriously, “ok if I am not there at 11 then I am not coming and don’t wait.” I smiled at him and said, β€œI will see you there.”

I know him all too well to know that he likes to leave a shock effect. Sure enough he showed up. He really enjoyed the baptism and we enjoyed chatting on the bus ride over to Imanta. We have a great friendship and my heart just about broke when we found out where he lives. It’s not in our area so we will pass him off this week. But the Zone leaders are going to be teaching him so they will do a great job. Speaking of Zone leaders do you all remember Elder Bergeson from the MTC? Well he’s all grown up and he’s a Zone leader now. So we are both in center.

We got a new Russian sister and 2 new Lithuanians this transfer. We got to take the Lithuanians out contacting. The first day I took out a sister from Wales! She was so cute and so nervous. I took her to Old Town where we met some really interesting people and she was amazing from the start! New missionaries are usually so afraid and think they don’t really know how to do much, but they are so powerful and sweet. I like taking the sisters out to Old Town to contact. Not only is it adorable (Especially during Christmas time!) but the people aren’t always running around as fast.

Mom, yes, the Christmas markets here are so amazing!! They are so cute! We are going to go explore them today so I will take lots of pictures! I have some from last week as well so I will send those today!

A woman in our ward asked the missionaries to come sing at the Christmas market this last week. I have mentioned it before in my e-mails I believe. It is a famous market in center by the Dome and there was a cute stage. There were people scheduled for all afternoon. We sang a bunch of Christmas songs in Latvian. A bunch of the members came to watch us. It was really fun! Β After we all headed over to the Christmas party where they had a Christmas presentation and a banquet full of looooots of snack foods. More than you could even imagine! It was great. I love the members here so much!

Last night the Latvian and Russian missionaries in Riga all went to Old town to go caroling while some people contacted the people who stopped to listen. I must say we made a scene. Lots of people took pictures and recorded. It is probably because they thought we were absolutely crazy being out in the cold singing. It was so cold I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold in my life. But my toes and fingers made it through and today I am going to go buy some warmer socks and gloves. It has only gotten down to about -15 C (as far as I know) and it will get to -40 I hear….. ah! We’ll see how I handle this! haha.

Well that about wraps up our busy week. We really were incredibly busy this week we hardly had time to go home and eat. I like it that way though. (plus then we stop and get little treats in the bakeries. :))

We have a weird schedule the next couple days. We have to be in by 6 tonight and tomorrow for safety. And on News Years Eve and day the same thing. We are making Cinnamon Rolls tonight after planning time for Christmas morning! We have lots of time that they said we could use for goal setting and studies so that will be nice. I will finish the Book of Mormon tonight for the 3rd time on my mission! woo! Also the Liepija sisters will be staying with us tonight so it will be a party! πŸ™‚ We gathered stuff to put in our stockings. πŸ™‚

Well I can’t wait to talk to you all… TOMORROW!!! I told you a lot about this week so the time will be open for your questions. πŸ™‚ haha I will be at one of the senior couple’s houses and my time is at 5pm here so 7am there (CA). Sorry it’s so early for you!! Also I think I have Brandon’s and mom’s skype… I am not sure what skype I am going to use… (I don’t remember my old skype password….but I’ll try to figure it out. haha) Here is the phone you can call so we can figure it out. 208-286-7288. Yes that’s a USA number.

Okay, I love you all!!! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and know I will be thinking about you all! πŸ™‚ I love you!

-Sister Gallacher

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Sisters and Elders

Sisters and Elders

Its 3 pm and the Sun is going down.

Its 3 pm and the Sun is going down.


Saying Goodbye to this Sister

Saying Goodbye to this Sister

Singing in Riga Center

Singing in Riga Center

Latvian Christmas Time

Latvian Christmas Time



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