Week 46: bobnapped

Oh videos make my day! Thank you everyone for all of the videos you have sent me!

Now I have to try and write really fast!

So we had an amazing lesson with Vasis this week. It was definitely one of the most powerful hours of my entire life! The spirit was SO strong. We were talking about scripture study and how when we study the scriptures, the spirit can be a stronger influence in our lives. He is so concerned about know what is right and wrong and how can he differentiate. We taught with the Millets, whom I absolutely adore. They are so sweet and their spirits just fill the room. Tonight we actually have dinner with them. Sister Millet wants us to meet her hairdresser so we are all going over for dinner. They are such good examples of always doing missionary work! They show so much love to all of us missionaries. Love them!

We have a less active that moved into our area named Ilva. She has twins: a boy and a girl. They are about a year and a half and the cutest little ones! Kate, the girl held on to my hand and wouldn’t let me leave the last time. My heart just about broke when I had to take my hand away and she stared off sad as I closed the door. haha I love when the people we teach have babies. They are so sweet and have such sweet spirits! I can’t wait to meet Layna! And baby Reed!! yay!

So we have two new investigators! And guess where they are from? Nigeria!! Yup. Their names are Eric and obianuku. We met them on a bus on Christmas Eve when they asked us what the Book of Mormon was. So we got their number and they have been busy with school until last Saturday. We were able to teach them a lesson (IN ENGLISH!!—it was so nice, but way weird) and they were so willing to pray and so confident that they will receive an answer. They are busy with their final exams but they want to meet soon. That was a way random experience, but very neat. There is a 22-year-old marine named Alex (he’s LDS comes to our branch in center) who works at the American Embassy here. But he used to live in Nigeria and said that a lot of people there are VERY religious. I can definitely see that that is true now.

Lauma came to FHE last week and really enjoyed it! She also had finals so hopefully we can meet this week!

We got what we call “bobnapped: this last week. haha that means that we go knocking and a bobooshka lets us in and then talks our ears off. She was crazy but so funny and nice! She just opened the door and was like come in come in!!! So we did. She told showed us tons of pictures of her kids, told us stories about talking to a snake, finding a wooden head of an elf, and stuffed our pockets with gingerbread cookies. She tried to marry me off to her neighbor boy and forced us to all leave in the same elevator. hahaha man, we were all laughing so hard. The things that happen while knocking… priceless!

The weather is getting colder. We had a lovely warm spree after Christmas (warm I mean in the 30s) but it’s down to about -15C. I am surviving well though! I am getting used to it. I hear it’s pretty cold in Utah! Stay warm!!

Well that about sums up the week. Thank you again for all of the videos and pictures. I miss you all and love you forever!

-masa galagera


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