Week 47: Moving forward

Hello dear family!

Well it is getting colder and colder here! It got down to about -20 C this last week. Today the sun is shining bright and it’s a little warmer! Hurray!

Well everything is going well here. Nothing much to say this week. My heart will definitely break a little later this week when we have to tell Vasis we can’t meet with him anymore. He just isn’t progressing at all. I was counting our lessons and figured I have probably spent like 25-30 hours with him and although he knows a lot and knows the spirit (or what he calls Harmony) is really strong in our church and in our meetings, his beliefs haven’t changed at all. He still doesn’t believe in Christ and he still doesn’t believe that we even need a savior. He hasn’t accepted anything as of now.

Although Vasis really is one of my best friends here in Latvia, we can’t keep spending so much of our time on someone who really just likes to “discuss” religion but doesn’t want to accept anything. I still have faith in Vasis. I really think one day he will accept it. I know he will. Maybe a couple years down the road he will recognize that this gospel really is something different. Something that will change his life for the better. I am not looking forward to this lesson though. It is going to be hard.

The new senior couple arrived this week! They are the Ballstaedts and they are so sweet! Their son served in the Roseville mission like 12 years ago they said. And they said they grew up with Larry Bowen. Small world. We are excited to have them. I wrote them a Welcome to Latvia card.

I was sick part of this week. Just can’t seem to kick the sniffles, but it hasn’t been bad enough to keep me inside. My immune system seems to be weaker than normal. But We had a weird experience where this inactive member said he knew some Chinese therapy and had us do this deep breathing thing and we had to rub our hands together and then our with our hands rub our face and head really fast… it slowly started getting really weird and he started mumbling and chanting it even got a little blasphemous with him kind of yelling a prayer… Sister Clark and I and the active member we were with just stopped and watched him not knowing what was going on. Finally it ended and he was all normal again. It was SO weird. But now it is something we laugh about often.

Oh so there is a member here who does all the Visas stuff and he is my favorite human ever! BUT it made my day because apparently he does all the visas for Moscow missionaries as well so when Erica had her visa trip here she gave him a note for me! It’s crazy that we are so close, but just miss each other every time! It will be fun because we will both know the visa member, Valeris, after our mission and he is so funny!

So our African investigators came to a baptism we had on Saturday! They both really liked it. They were going to come to church the next day but it didn’t work out. We have a meeting with them this week! I’ll keep you updated! It is so fascinating to talk to them about Nigeria and what it is like. They are both super nice, and open. We have already become good friends!

Well that’s all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I miss you all and I hope you are all staying warm!! I love you so much!

-Sister Gallacher

Notice the time on this picture when the sun is setting! 3pm!

Notice the time on this picture when the sun is setting! 3pm!



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