Week 48: Why we need Christ in our lives


Well let’s see, First off Happy birthday Grandpa Woolf! I heard you had the greatest time and I wished you a happy day all the way from here in Latvia! I hope you enjoyed yourself and ate some good cake!

Well, Dzintars accepted to be baptized on Feb 9th, and then his Mom freaked out so we went over with a member and talked to her for over an hour and a half. The member basically taught her EVERYTHING we believe. Her biggest problems were that we don’t have crosses and that we have a living prophet. I think that everything will work out. She says he shouldn’t hurry into this, but we’ve already been meeting with him since October. So we’ll see how it goes.

Lauma the anthropology student came to family home evening and then we had a lesson later that week. She is super cool and she stares into your soul when you talk to her. I have never met someone who has kept such intense eye contact than her. It’s actually really cool. We have another meeting with her tomorrow. I really like her. She works with schizophrenic people and helping them by using music… not really sure how but it sounds interesting.

We had a Miracle with Rudis!! We have been meeting with him off and on since April and I have dropped him I think 2 times because he never progresses. But then he keeps asking to meet. So we did and he wasn’t progressing so we had one final try with president Boswell and it was SO intense! P. Boswell just explained lots of stuff and finally said, ‘listen this is either TRUE, or we are crazy. If it’s true, you NEED to know. So you need to read the Book of Mormon. Will you do that?” (We have been trying to get him to read it since the very beginning and he just doesn’t) And he said yes, and that if he knows it’s true he will get baptized! The thing is Rudis sometimes gets lazy. I am hoping and praying he sticks with this. He knew he felt something and it all came out that he is just afraid that it is true and that if it is and he knows that he will have to change and he doesn’t want to change. I hope he cane make it through this. He really is so awesome.

The Nigerians area doing OK. They had some disagreements with the 3 kingdoms and authority. But they are sincere and want to find out. They just can’t meet very often. They keep saying they will come to church but then the day of they cancel.

Well on to Vasis. My heart literally broke in that lesson. I don’t even know where to start.  I have never studied so much for someone in my life. I tried so hard to understand everything about WHY the atonement was needed, why Christ was needed, why God couldn’t just forgive anyone without it. Why  we need a mediator. I have learned so much along the way and I am grateful for what I have learned. You really can dive so deep. My testimony of Christ and the need for Him and his atonement has wedged its way deep into my soul.

I think that is why it was so hard when Vasis didn’t accept it. I still had a little hope some miracle would happen. So we had our meeting. He really tried so hard to understand. He read the chapters I had given him in both Russian and Latvian and tried to understand why but he just can’t agree. He always comes up with other reasons why he doesn’t agree. He kept putting his head in his hand to think and then would say that he just doesn’t believe it. I know he wants too. I just know it. He tried so hard, but even he admits that his head gets in the way and he is just not ready to accept any of it. He pretends like he doesn’t want to, but I know better. We talked about everything and bore our testimony. Finally I realized we were going to have to tell him that we couldn’t keep meeting with him so Sister Clark did. She explained that we loved him and that we loved talking about this with him but our purpose here is to help people get on the path with Christ and to help them along. If he didn’t want to get on we need to meet with people that did. He understood and kind of agreed that he’s not ready to get on.

I bore my testimony of Christ and how I KNOW he is our Savior. I told him how badly I wanted him to accept this because I know that it would change his life and bring him so much happiness. I told him we really tried so hard to help him understand. Of course I shed a few tears. He said he knew and told me that he knows we were supposed to meet. He said there are levels of people’s communication and apparently we can communicate with him with just a few words and it’s powerful. We told him that if he ever was ready to accept it and to learn more to please call us. He said before he left that “we will meet again.” and he started singing a song, like he always does and walked out of the church.

It sounds so dramatic… but the thing is, it really was!  I started crying after he left and at first I thought, “why am I crying?” But I realized it’s because I care about Vasis and I wanted SO badly for him to accept the gospel. We put everything we had into this and he just couldn’t accept it. I can just feel how much Heavenly Father and Christ want him to accept this gift and to partake of the atonement and the love Christ has for us. I know without a doubt we were supposed to meet Vasis. I have really come so much closer to my Savior through this experience and I am grateful for it. This is not the end with Vasis. I know if not soon, years down the road he will come looking again.

I am not quite sure why almost all of my investigators on my mission haven’t believed in Christ. I thought I would be working with strong Christians that have a hard time switching religions…. but most of them don’t know anything about Christ or just won’t accept him. It is so sad to think about how much Christ loves them and everything He did for them and they don’t want to accept it.

Es jūs ļoti mīlu!!

Well I must be off. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all so much!!

Es zinu, ka Jēzus Kristus ir mūsu pestītajs!

-Māsa G


One response to “Week 48: Why we need Christ in our lives

  1. Marlene Slater

    Sister Maddie… You are so sweet and what a breath of fresh air you are! I love your email messages. Very touching and so happy! Thanks for being a wonderful example of what Christ’ church is about! Love, Marlene Slater

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