Week 49: singing,laughing,falling,teaching

Hello dear ones!


First, Happy birthday to my Brother Matthew and to my little Hud Bud!! I love you both so much and I hope you have the best Birthdays ever this week!

Today’s e-mail will be filled with randomness. There are just little things I want to tell you about so you know more about how silly my life is. 🙂

I am happy that February has finally come upon us. January was the longest month of my mission! Sister Clark and I are not really sure why this transfer was SO slow because we were really busy, we had a lot of investigators, it didn’t get too cold, and we had so much fun together. I don’t know why, but January was what we called “the month that never ends” and we sang lots of songs about it.

Speaking of songs…. making up songs seems to be my new hobby. I sing while making lunch and while cleaning up afterwards Sister Clark will give me a topic and I will make up a song and she will do instrument sounds and we laugh so hard. Now we have the most random songs stuck in our heads. The best one is about our cell phone that we named “Wallace” Our whole district knows the “Wallace song” I made up for him.

Another fun thing: I have my own News station. It is called “Riga Latvia news with the missionaries” and I play the different news people.  Whenever we’re walking and there is NO one on the street I break into the news and I tell what we’re doing and I interview Sister Clark. It sure makes us laugh and is entertaining.

Hey, girls of the family, guess what store I found last week? Accessorize! haha Yessiree! It brought back fun memories of London!

Transfer news come tomorrow. Honestly I don’t really have a preference this time. I would love to stay in Riga and I would love to go somewhere else. So I am in a good place to be because it really doesn’t matter. We are only getting one new missionary and he is Russian so we don’t think much will happy with the Latvians, but WHO knows! Anything is possible with President Boswell. Transfers with him is always an adventure. (Or so I hear from the missionaries who had another mission president…he is all I know, but it definitely is an adventure because unexpected things always happen)

So we started this little “punishment” Where if we don’t get our goal some Elder has to do push ups. So our goal last week was to get 10 new investigators in our district and we only got 9 so that meant 10 pushups for Elder Morgan. He decided to do handstand pushups. It was hilarious! After Elder Davidson said, “I’ll match the push ups you do next week!” They are getting really into, but Sister Clark and I are just staying off to the side with this one…it really makes the end of district meeting hilarious.

Oh and I had my first winter slip this last week! It was so funny. We were on our way for district meeting and the bus was coming and we were still far away so I said, “Sister Clark! To the rescue,” and I started running and she started running after me. I was of course singing some super hero theme song in my head to give it a dramatic effect. Then all the sudden my foot hit ice that wasn’t covered with snow (under the snow is about 1 inch of solid ice!) So there I went, my Book of Mormon flew in the air and I went down. I started laughing before I even hit the ground. I got up quick and we got on the bus where everyone was smiling because yes, I fell right in front of everyone. haha It was so funny and Sister Clark and I laughed about it all day. It really is sad though, because I see people fall all the time and although part of my wants to giggles because it looks funny, I know that it might have hurt them. There are lots of people with arms in casts walking around.

Oh and SCORE! I found OREOS!! We were waiting to meet the Elders on this random little side street to help them with a lesson and I suggested we wait in the little snack and drink store because it was cold. We went in and the store was literally about 6’x6’ and there in the corner were oreos! It was a miracle!! They don’t sell oreos here so I have no idea why this little store had them, but needless to say I bought a small pack and Sister Clark and I had a feast!

Oh and one last random fact, the other night we were getting ready for bed and I started quoting “The Emperors New Groove” movie, but translated it in Latvian… haha it was so funny and sounded ridiculous in Latvian for some reason and we laughed so much.

Well there are some random facts about January….


Onto investigators:

We started English up again! Hurray! I love teaching English! We have a really big class with a lot of new people so I am excited!


Dzintars is getting baptized on Saturday! It was a miracle! He didn’t want to get baptized until June 16th because that’s his birthday, but we had a lesson about the plan of salvation and committed him to praying to know if God wanted him to get baptized on the 9th of Feb, or the 16th of June. In our next lesson he said he got his answer and he is ready to go! He is so excited and we are so happy for him! Hurray! He really has come so far. It is amazing to see the difference in him. In the beginning he had a hard time really understanding and now it just seems so clear to him. Not only has the gospel made him happier, but it has helped him spiritually, physically, and mentally! Being transferred would be sad for that reason because I would miss his baptism. But all is well.


We dropped Rudis this week. It was hard going from such an amazing lesson with President Boswell to going back and hearing him just FIGHT everything we said about God. He understands why we can’t keep coming. It really just ends up being over an hour of our night listening to him fighting everything  and he lives far away and we have to plan about an hour there and an hour back so it’s a good chunk of time. I am sure missionaries will meet with him again in the future. He’s just not ready right now and isn’t willing to read the Book of Mormon or change anything.

Well that’s about it! We weren’t able to meet with the Nigerians this week, and Lauma is doing well. She is so nice and really cool. We will be passing her off to the Elders in Imanta this week. We really need new investigators right now. So hopefully we can find some people to teach!


I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!




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