Week 50: back to 3 of us conquering the world

Sveiki visiem!


First, Happy Birthday Cailey dearest! I love you so much!


Well, transfers came! I am still in Riga with Sister Clark, but we had a little surprise. Sister Kerr (my old companion) came back to Riga (she already served 7 transfers here and she was in Jelgava) and now we are serving in a tri-companionship. I love serving with 2 companions and we are the 3 oldest sisters here so it’s fun. We like to joke around about how powerful we feel walking down the street with all 3 of us to conquer the world. The unfortunate part is that they closed Jelgava to sisters for reasons unbeknownst to us. We hear they will open it back up again for us soon. I do hope I get to serve there before I leave. Sister Kerr has been very positive coming back, since we knew it would be hard for her. She had served here almost a year and was ready to leave so it was a surprise when she came back. But we are all working it out and we have had fun already.


Dzintars got baptized on Saturday!! YAY! It was so cute! That man was glowing from head to toe! He was so happy. It has been an amazing process watching him change and grow so much. He has SUCH a sweet, good heart and I am so happy for him. I feel quite honored I was able to help him enter into this covenant with his Heavenly Father!


We had a guy in English come up to us after our spiritual thought on the plan of salvation. I had felt like I needed to say that if anyone had questions they could come talk to us after and we would be there. I thankfully followed the prompting and after everyone left he was standing at the front and said, “I want to know about all of this.” So we were able to set up a meeting and he came! Whoo! We have now met with him twice. He is about 40ish and lives about an hour away by the border of Riga. But he comes to English twice a week. He has a lot of questions and we finally had to tell him that he needed to listen and we would explain the foundation and his questions would be answered along the way. He is not super open and has his own strong beliefs, but he said that he sees a light in us and he wants to know more. So we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully he isn’t one of those that can never accept anything we teach him.


We went out contacting with the Russians this week and it reminded me how much I love being in a zebra (meaning we have different languages other than Latvian) companionship! It’s so great to be able to talk to everyone on the street instead of just like 40% to 60% of the people. Plus I got to go out with Sister Weaver who is my soul sister! haha She is serving in our area, but of course Russian speaking. Love her!


Well, last Sunday we had an interesting experience. We were going to teach a new convert a lesson and we met this 45 year old woman in the stairwell (the member was with us). It turns out she was hiding in there from a man outside who was trying to buy alcohol from her and she didn’t want to go out. We talked to her and found out that she had just gotten out of jail a couple weeks before and her only son had moved to America and wouldn’t talk to her. She looked so sad and my heart broke for her. We didn’t really know what to do so we asked if we could pray for her.

We all knelt in the tiny, dirty stairwell and said a prayer. The sweet convert (Agenta) offered the prayer and started crying because she wanted this woman to be safe and to be happy. It was a very tender moment. After, Sarmite said that she doesn’t know how to cry anymore. We made sure she had somewhere to go and we taught her a little about the plan of salvation. We sat on the stairs talking to her and testifying of God’s love for her and Christ’s atonement. You would think that sitting next to a stranger holding her hand would seem foreign but it really wasn’t. Sarmite has such a good heart and she really wants to change her life, but she has no hope. She has nothing to really keep her going.

It was one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed, but I was glad we were there to hold her hand and kneel in prayer with and for her that night. She kept kissing my hand and gave us big hugs at the end. She promised to meet with us and Agneta was so sweet and kind to her and even gave her a loaf of her bread. I was so impressed by Agneta’s love for this stranger. She wants to serve a mission and I really hope she makes it on one because she would be amazing! We had a meeting set up with Sarmite last night, but she wasn’t able to come. Hopefully she can come another time.


Well that about wraps it up! I love you all and hope you have a great week!


-masa M

View from Church

View from Church

Cereal each morning

Cereal each morning

Almost all my socks tend to have this problem

Almost all my socks tend to have this problem

Dzintars Baptism

Dzintars Baptism


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