Week 52: Eternal Truth

Hello Family!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Cailey and Brad Barton! I am so happy for you and Baby Reed couldn’t be any cuter!! I had just finished a lesson when sister Millet called me and told me. It was late and we were walking home and yes, I cried and had some tears fall down because I am so grateful everyone is okay and healthy and that baby Reed is finally with us! I can’t wait to meet him!

And next, CONGRATULATIONS to BRIGGY!! BYU baby!!! I am so excited to go with you and we are going to have so much fun!! I am so proud of you for working so hard and getting in!!! Way to go Brigg, and way to go family! We are all COUGARS!!

Mom, Dad, and Briggs, I sent you a package… I hope you got it! But in it I sent some yummy chocolate museli. I have to explain that it’s better if you mix it half and half with some cornflakes. It is not as strong and it lasts longer! 🙂 Enjoy!

Well, we had a good week. It went by really fast. And February has gone so fast. I don’t know why January took forever and February didn’t even exist! haha time is weird.

The sun has been very happy this week and shone brightly on more than one day! It was weird to see it, but so wonderful! After church on Sunday I was studying at home (we have to do studies later because we don’t have time in the mornings) and the sun was shining right on my face and it was the best feeling!

Well Dzintars is the best little missionary ever! He brought his 17 year old nephew, Martins, to church and we have a lesson with him later this week. We are also teaching his cousin! Way to go Dzintars!

Oh man, the lesson with Vasis was SO INTENSE!! We were planning what member to invite and we said, “we need someone who is soft spoken, has a very strong, firm testimony of the Book of Mormon, and is calm and not easily agitated.  We all looked at each other and we knew who we had to call: Elder Senkans. The man who is not only a member of the 70, but the man who translated the Book of Mormon into Latvian.

It was MY phone day… haha of course… so I had to make the call. Of course he was completely willing to help us. The day came and they both showed up. I have never…. and I mean ever…. felt the spirit so strong in my whole life. Elder Senkans shared his story about coming to know it was true, the hows and why’s, and about translating the Book of Mormon—the whole room was on fire. Vasis listened carefully. Elder Senkans taught Vasis all sorts of amazing things that I had to go home and write down afterwards. In the end we invited Vasis to kneel down with us right then and there and pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true. But he needed to pray in ‘the name of Jesus Christ’. He agreed and we all knelt down together.

Vasis prayer was simple and beautiful. The spirit filled us all during his prayer. After I asked Vasis if he felt it. He said yes and we explained that it means the Book is true. But he just can’t really wrap his head around it all and what it means although we keep telling him. He thinks it’s true for us, but that doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone.

NO! Why do so many people here think that!!?? I would not be satisfied if eternal truths I know were only true for me because I “believed them” and so I make them truth. There has to be an eternal all encompassing truth! People can say that the earth could have been created a million different ways… and they might all believe different things but the bottom line is… it was only created ONE way. There is truth in this world. A universal and eternal truth! I wish so badly that so many people wouldn’t be so blinded to this.

I am not really sure what is going to happy with Vasis. He went out of town this weekend and we aren’t planning on meeting with him again soon… but we are going to call him to see how his reading is going and he said that next Sunday he might go to church. After Vasis and Elder Senkans both left my companions and I basically fell to the ground in a room and prayed to thank Heavenly Father for the answer he so strongly and surely gave to all of us in that room! I know I never need to worry that if people pray sincerely that they will get an answer that the Book of Mormon is true! It really is up to them to accept it. So that was an amazing experience that I can’t even write enough to give credit to the intensity and spirituality of it.

Next, they had a big leadership conference here and guess who I got to see??? My two Lithuanian Leaders from the Mission Training Center!!! Hurray!! I hadn’t seen them since last May/June! It was super fun to see how much they had grown up. They are now the Zone leaders together.

I was thinking about my favorite parts about Riga and I think I have to say that my favorite part are the Young Single adults here. They are AMAZING!! They are so inspiring and so willing to help and their testimonies and knowledge of the gospel blow my mind! I am so thankful for them and for the opportunity I have had to meet them and teach with them and learn from them. I hope they know how much they mean to us missionaries and how much we appreciate their help and love.

Well that is about it for this week. We had another amazing week of working towards our goals and we either made or exceeded all of our weekly goals except one. We’re on a roll and I love it!

I love you all and I am so happy baby Reed has joined our family!! Have a wonderful week and remember I love you!

-masa M


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