Week 54: Book of Worth

Hello Beautiful family!

I got our Christmas card and it made me so happy to see all of you! (slow mail). I feel so blessed to have you as my family and I love you and pray for you every day!

March 8th was women’s day! It’s a day to celebrate women. All the women on the street had flowers and chocolate. As did the men because they were carrying them to give to the women in their lives. It is a grand holiday I think we should adopt in America. 🙂

Well, I had to renew my Visa this week, which seemed weird that a year has gone by. It was fun to see Valeris though, (the member who helps all the missionaries with their visa’s). he also helps the Moscow missionaries and so Erica Hawkins knows him as well which is fun!

Do you remember Eva Sile? She was my investigator when I was in Imanta. She has been meeting with the missionaries for like 9 years or something like that and she couldn’t get the guy that lived with her to move out because then he might take the kids. So even though she hated him she couldn’t make him leave. Well after many miracles he left and she was baptized on Saturday along with her 8 year old son! It was such a happy day for everyone! SO many missionaries have taught her so it was extra special for a lot of us. I am so happy it all worked out.

We are going to be super busy next week. I love to be busy with lessons. We also have Zone Conference this week as well. That will be fun to see some of the other missionaries.

I have learned a lot about setting goals, believing in goals, working for goals, and achieving goals over the past couple weeks. It has really been amazing to see the results we have seenwith our weekly goals as we have gone the extra mile to reach each and every one of them! I remember one night specifically this last week we were planning for the next day and we had one other lesson set up with an investigator and then other lessons and meetings that day. But we decided that we wanted 2 other lessons. Right then an investigator called us and said she could meet the next day so we got our goal of 2! Then we decided to set the goal for 3 lessons the next day. Well the 2 we had scheduled worked out the next day and so we just made sure we talked to everyone along the way in order to get that 3rd other lesson we had planned for and felt that we could do.

We were on the way to a lesson at the end of the night and we had 9 minutes left. We decided to go down this one street and we all prayed that we could find someone to teach Then the first guy we talked to on the street was super nice and listened to us as we 3 taught a lesson together. He was super nice and friendly and said he might come to church, but didn’t want to give his information to us. It really was a testimony that if you never give up you really can reach your goals. But you really have to give it everything you have and have faith that it is possible.

I am working hard at following the spirit. It is amazing to see how much he really prompts me to do things. I realized the other day that it is prompting me basically all day long. It was amazing to realize how involved the spirit is in my life.

I was reading 2 Nephi 28 this week and as I read verse 2 I stopped. It says that the Book of Mormon is of great worth to us. I started thinking about worth and what makes something of “great worth”.  I thought to myself that things of great worth are usually rare. They are important. They are beautiful. They bring happiness, joy, peace, and hope. Then I thought about why people have given certain things on earth great worth. For example, gold. Why have humans given gold worth? Because it is beautiful, precious, and rare. Humans have given Gold worth, but God gave the Book of Mormon worth. God has told us it is of GREAT WORTH to us. I know I haven’t always remembered the worth of this precious book my whole life. It really is of great worth to me.

I was writing in my journal while thinking about WHY the Book of Mormon is of great worth to me… The Book of Mormon really does have a special spirit. Like President Hinckley said, “it brings the spirit of the Lord stronger into my life.” The Book of Mormon really does bring me peace, happiness, and joy. It teaches me so many priceless, eternal truths. The Book of Mormon changes the way I live and helps me be better. I love it. I thirst to read it every day. The Book of Mormon is more precious than Gold to me and I have a testimony it is true and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to share not only the gospel, but the gospel through this book of worth.


Eric and Obianuju: have kind of disappeared. They cancel lessons and never come to church like they keep saying they will.

Vasis. I will fill you in on what’s going on with him next week. But for now, please pray that he will recognize his witness of the truthfulness of this gospel and that it is right and true for him.

Peteris: well he also just needs a testimony that this is the ONLY true church and that God is just waiting for him to make a change, and take a step.

Eriks (Dzintar’s cousin) is doing well and progressing quickly.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all and miss you everyday!

-Masa M

Eva Sile and her 2 boys

Eva Sile and her 2 boys

Dzintar and his new suit. Some random guy gave it to the elders on the street so they gave it to him and he was so happy he wanted to take pictures! Also the new senior couple the Ballstaedts! I love them!

Dzintar and his new suit. Some random guy gave it to the elders on the street so they gave it to him and he was so happy he wanted to take pictures! Also the new senior couple the Ballstaedts! I love them!

Latvian Sunset

Latvian Sunset


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