Week 56: ” follow every prompting”

Hello family!

I miss you all and love you dearly. Yesterday I was coming home from church and I sat down next to this lady on the trolleybus and said hello. We talked the whole bus ride home (about 40 min) and I learned all about her life and how as a little girl she lived in Liepaja during the war and a German soldier gave her a chocolate bar and when she showed her mom, she got in trouble because they were all afraid of the Germans. It is so interesting to learn about people’s lives here. I wish I could write it all down and write a book about it…. maybe later in life. haha. The lady’s name was Valentina and she went on this long rant about how my parents love me so much and they care about me and they want to hear from me, and they know when I am sad and happy… etc. She made me promise her I would write and call you every single day. I didn’t get a chance to explain the whole “I can’t because I am on a mission” so I ended up saying yes. So, I am keeping my promise today since I am writing you… but I am afraid I will have to break that tomorrow…. and every day until Monday comes around again, but just so you know I love you all and I think of you often and I pray for you every day and I am thankful for everything you ALL do for me!

Well transfers have come and gone. I am in Riga, however, I am with sister NELSON again! Hurray!!! It was a huge surprise actually! The thing that threw all of our transfer guesses off was that we don’t have Latvian and Russian assistants anymore. We got 2 Russians. On top of that they took the sisters out of Liepaja! That was sure a shock. It’s because we get 4 new sisters after 2 transfers so we have to have 4 areas open for sisters. They actually opened up Imanta to sisters again with sister Peterson and Clark (so sister Peterson can train there) and then sister Kerr went back to Jelgava to train there this transfer (her trainee has to know Jelgava so she can train there!) and then sister Nelson and I are in Center.

I am assuming that she will go back to Liepaja to train and I will in center when the 4 come. (sister Kerr and Clark leave in 2 transfers  So yeah, I hope that made sense. but I am SO overjoyed to be with my bestest friend sister Nelson again!

We didn’t think we would ever get to serve together again so we have just been having a grand old time this past weekend! I am so glad sister Kerr is training. She hasn’t had the opportunity to since we rarely get new sisters and she only has 2 transfers left so it all worked out perfect!

Oh and on top of all that… Since there are 2 Russian assistants now the assistant’s area is now my area! (because they both speak Russian so they will handle the Russians and we will handle the Latvians in their area) My area was just doubled!! Wahoo! We have some little towns that have barely been touched by missionaries if ever! We’re going to have fun exploring.

Well we worked a lot with Dzintar’s cousin, Eriks, this week. He is supposed to get baptized this Saturday. We are really praying everything works out since he is in a wheel chair and his Aunt says it’s too cold for him to go outside right now. She unfortunately kind of has the final say in what he does and doesn’t do even though he is in his 40s. Hopefully it all works out. We are meeting with him almost every night this week to prepare him.

Well my theme for this transfer is to ” follow every prompting” I have really been working on listening to the spirit and trying to recognize his promptings and then act on them without hesitating. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. But it sure makes contacting an adventure because we cross streets and cross grass patches to talk to different people that we think we should talk to. It’s not walking down one street to contact it’s more like walking randomly in different directions as the spirit tell us. Even when it seems way out of my comfort zone and might be awkward I have been trying to really ACT with out delay. I have already seen the blessings of it.

Last Sunday I was on the bus and I saw a couple get on. The girl got her ticket and I could tell from what I saw that the boy just wasn’t going to get a ticket even though the girl was telling him too go buy one. He decided not to and they sat down. RIGHT then the control came up and kicked him off. The girl looked miserable and had tears in her eyes as she sat alone after he got off the bus. I had the prompting to get up and cross the bus and go talk to her. I felt like that would be weird and wondered what I would say, but I had made the decision to follow every prompting so I did. Following your promptings really does help you feel the spirit more because it shows God that He can trust you and so He blesses you with the influence and guidance of the Holy Ghost even more! I realized in that contact that it’s not about whether I will annoy or bother or make them feel awkward, it’s about getting up, going over, and cheering them up. Making them laugh, making them feel the spirit, and helping them have a better day. Missionaries should never feel that sharing this amazing message would bother some people (although sometimes it does…) We know what we have to share and that is what we need to remember.

Well that’s about it for the week. I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful day!!


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