Week 57: Good Soldiers of Christ

Happy Easter!!!


It’s been a week of disappointments unfortunately. We had 8 different people not show up to their lessons. Which means we traveled to and from the church (45 min trip on bus). They were all contacts from the street and we had members for all of them. I wish people would answer their phones and or even call or text us to say they aren’t coming. That would save us a lot of time. We thought we were going to have tons of new investigators from all of these, but alas…. we don’t. But we will hopefully find some more people this week!


On top of the lack of lessons, Erik our investigator’s Aunt refused to let him be baptized and then had a strong influence on him so he now doesn’t know if or when he wants to get baptized. Needless to say his baptism did not happen on Saturday. But we did absolutely everything we could do. We went over every day and tried to meet with the Aunt, but her heart could not be softened.


On top of that we have gotten 6 inches of snow since yesterday (and it was almost melted last week!) When we walked outside to go grocery shopping today I laughed when I stepped in the snow and then said, “ha-ha April fools everyone! This is all a joke isn’t it?” It wasn’t and the snow is still here. But Spring will come eventually.


Sister Nelson and I are having a wonderful time together. It’s good to have humor and we have lots of that together. We just seem to think the same things are funny so we make each other laugh a lot. It’s also good when things don’t turn out how you want or how you expected to cheer each other up. It’s somehow easy to stay positive though, because you just can’t be too sad for too long as a missionary. As I talked about last week, being a missionary is all about making other people happy and it’s just an undeniable and unavoidable result that you will be happy when you make others happy. So as soon as one person doesn’t show up we have more to go make happy on the street and we sure did! We had lots of fun contacting with our time this week and we really enjoyed it and had some good, and funny experiences.


One of the funny experiences goes like this…..

I was on the bus when all the sudden I heard old French music… then when the words came into the song it was in Latvian! It was the most awesome song ever! (since you know I have a deep love for old French music and then put Latvian words and how could it get any better?) I was looking around to find the source when I noticed an old man across the aisle holding his phone up to his ear and clenching it tightly. The music was coming from his phone and he seemed to be lost in deep thought remembering and contemplating something. He had my attention. A new song came on and he stood up to get off the bus and was standing right in front of me. I noticed he was crying. I smiled at him and he nodded his head and held up his phone in a patriotic way. I was going to start talking to him but the doors were opening. I was flustered and didn’t know what to do and by the time I had chosen to get off the bus one stop early from the stop I wanted (hoping my comp would see me and follow haha) the doors had shut and we were going again.

We got off at the next stop and I said, well sister Nelson, Let’s go! And I started jogging down the street back to the other stop to go catch the man. I had just felt like I should talk to him… even if it was to brighten his day. He was obviously sad about something. We got to the stop and we walked around everywhere and he was no where to be found. We looked for his red jacket and his yellow bag. Then right when we were about to give up sister Nelson said, “wait, look do you see that red jacket across the street and that little veggie stand?” it was far, but I did and I then noticed the yellow bag he had! It was him! So we ran and we actually caught up to him. ” I said excuse me, we were on the bus with you and I heard the song you played that went like this “ak Tik skaista Jauniba!” (that means “oh such beautiful youth”) I really liked it what is it from?” He then started yelling at us saying that it was HIS beautiful youth and not ours and that we couldn’t take it from him. We tried to explain again and then he started yelling how he was a Viking and that whatever he said he wanted to happen would happen.

We were really confused and he continued to yell until we said ok thanks and goodbye. Such an interesting experience. I am not sure why I felt like I should talk to this man, but at least I followed my prompting and gained more trust from my Father in heaven. And I guess we got a good story out of it right. These kinds of things happen all the time. I feel like if this happened in America I would be like Ah that was INSANE! But it is kind of normal here. haha. Gotta love it.



Well on a spiritual note…. I had some amazing studies this week! I learned a lot about Grace and what that really means for us. I read a while back in Colossians 4:6 which says, “Let your speech be always with grace”. I really like the message of that sentence. In the Bible Dictionary it says that Grace is the divine means of help or strength given through the Atonement. So it gives men strength to do good things. To change. To progress and be perfected. So what would it mean to Speak with Grace? Well to me I took that as you give others strength to do good things or in other words to progress through your words. And since we know that strength comes from the Atonement you could say that speaking with grace means teaching and testifying to others about the atonement so that they can find the grace–or the enabling power to change and to progress to perfection. I love teaching people about Christ and seeing this divine source of strength enter into their lives. It is so apparent. And as I do this it enters more deeply and more permanently into my life.



Another little scripture gem I found is 2 Tim 2:3. It says, ” Endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” I love that. I thought a lot about what soldiers do. For the most part, soldiers fight for something they believe in. Something that they are willing to die for. I thought about how we are all soldiers for Christ and although we have hard experiences or difficult circumstances that test our faith, we need to be GOOD soldiers and do what a good soldier would do. We need to stand up for Christ. Fight for Him. Love him. Help others for him. Teach people about Him. Fight to help people find, learn about and accept what He so freely wants to give us all… and that is His grace. His enabling power that He wants us to take and to experience so that we can fight this battle and return to our Heavenly Father.


I am thankful for this experience to be a good soldier for Christ and I am thankful I have the knowledge of this restored gospel so I can be a good soldier for Christ for the rest of my life.


I love you all and I hope you had a wonderful Easter and that you have a wonderful day! Thank you all (family, extended family, and friends) for your e-mails and letters! I love reading them!


-Masa galagera

District picture

District picture

there was an accident and all the buses couldn't get through so we had to get off

there was an accident and all the buses couldn’t get through so we had to get off

a celebration

a celebration

Me and sister Nelson


Me and Sister Nelson

Me and Sister Nelson

A lost seagull haha

A lost seagull haha

we had fun during lunch time and I made up a new kind of cinnamon role with all the best things inside... mmm!

we had fun during lunch time and I made up a new kind of cinnamon role with all the best things inside… mmm!



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