Week 58: A fire for missionary work

So to start out I have something funny to tell you. So I was going through some stuff of mine and I found the memory card that you all sent me way back at the start of my mission. Well I noticed that some of the pictures on it looked like videos, but I couldn’t play them on my camera. So I brought them with me today and put them in the computer. Well turns out that they were videos and (only a year later) I got to watch them! haha there was one of Briggs playing the guitar and singing at Britts and then a couple of you all at the McArthurs! Well it was sure a treat for me to find these random videos I had of you all! Miss you all so much!

I am not sure when we will get to watch conference. I know that we are all getting DVDs and we have to watch it during our lunch times. We used to watch it all together, (it was a blast!) but for some reason they changed it. Probably because they don’t’ want us to loose the missionary time and that’s why it’s during the lunch time at home.

Well we had a wonderful week! We have been praying so hard to find those who are prepared to receive this message and to accept the truth. We were able to find 4 new Investigators and one of them accepted a baptismal date for May 3rd. Her name is Diana. She is 18, lives with her mom and step dad, and wants to be a detective after she finishes high school. We contacted her on the street, taught a small lesson, met her at the church a couple days later and she accepted everything right off the bat. She is amazing and we are so excited for her! We found an amazing guy who has a family and we are praying and fasting that we will be able to meet with his family and that they will accept the gospel. I have been praying to find a family for a long time! Pray that he will want to meet again and bring his wife and daughter. The assistants (Russian elders) were contacting out in Jugla (our area the Russian assistants area as well) and they met this 18ish year old young girl named Elina. She wasn’t really interested, but they taught her a little and she agreed to meet. Since she was Latvian they gave us her information and we called her and she agreed to meet us outside of this grocery store. I had never been to Jugla before because it’s a little further away. It is kind of “untouched” by missionaries. But we met with her and she brought her friend Laura. We got to know them and we all instantly clicked and became friends. We taught them the restoration and although one of them doesn’t even believe in God they both wanted to meet again so we have another lesson with them on Tuesday!  We also got 3 referrals this week! I know that in other missions referrals probably get handed out a lot but they are a little more rare here so it was awesome to get 3 in one week! Hooray! And this month our zone is focusing on getting 20 contacted referrals in the month of April! Lots of miracles happening!

I fell in love with missionary work all over  again this week. I always love it, but I just got this FIRE for it this week. I just wanted to run around and talk to everyone and share the gospel. There wasn’t a time that we had to go contacting at night in the cold that I wasn’t smiling all the way through it. It’s so interesting how you have so many ups and downs on your mission, and lots of internal and life lessons learned. Every week I feel as though I am a completely new person and every week I learn of more weaknesses and more trials come. But at the same time more blessings come and I grow and learn and it’s such a purifying, wonderful, difficult, and life changing process.

I was thinking about the members here and my current and old investigators and how much I absolutely adore them all when I realized how strange it is that my most beloved people back at home don’t know these people that are so beloved to me here. I am so excited to tell you all stories of each one of them and have you get to know them through stories. Words in an e-mail just doesn’t do these people justice. Their voices, their facial expressions, their hand movements, their attitudes, their words…. PRICELESS. I think I will have to invent a new word to describe how much I love them. They are all so amazing and they blow my mind away every single week by their testimonies, willingness to serve, and love for everyone around them. I feel so blessed and privileged to know them, work with them, and serve them.

I had a really interesting study this week. I was reading in the new Testament (I am in love with the NT!!) when I came across the verse Hebrews 12:1 which says to lay aside the sins which doth so easily beset us and it of course brought my thoughts to Alma 7:15 which says the same thing. I started thinking about how sin affects people and how it really does beset you. It puts you down and the consequences of sin are like heavy rocks that pull down on your shoulders. One of the reasons I love to be a missionary is to see these rocks get taken off when people gain faith in Christ, repent, and are baptized. This gospel brings so much happiness and lightens burdens. I know that Christ is our Savior and that he has the power to heal us, but we have to first lay aside our sins that so easily beset us and turn to Him. We have to turn to Him because He is already there waiting for us!

Hebrews: 5-6 ” …I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly say, the Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.”


Questions dad asked me:

When is your next transfer date and do you think you’ll be transferred? 

The next transfer is April 18 and no I think I will stay here, but who knows.

When do you get some new sisters that speak Latvian?

we get some next transfer!

Do they have Latvian Idol over there like American Idol? 

I really have no idea… haha haven’t watched TV lately. 🙂 But I haven’t heard anyone talk about it at least.

Does everyone like to speak English? 

yes everyone loves it and tried to get us to teach them in English so that they can practice.

Do you have a regular keyboard or is it a Latvian language keyboard?

Thankfully it’s a regular keyboard!


Well I love you all and I hope you all have a beautiful week!!


p.s. Feel free to ask more questions. I like to answer them. If you do, put them in Bold in e-mails (so I can see/ find them fast) because I usually just skim the e-mails fast and then write my e-mail and then print the e-mails out later.


-Māsa Galagera





Offered by President James E. Faust in Riga, Latvia,


l7 March


Our Holy Father, we assemble before Thee in humility and thanksgiving on this special occasion in this
historic land. We stand in awe of the long history of the intrepid people of this country. They have been a
believing people over the centuries of oppression and subjugation. The people of this land have toiled to
wrest a living from the land, from the forests, and from the Baltic, and factories. In their seaports they have
traded with peoples from far distant lands.

We would remind Thee, Father, that recently they have raised their heads in courage and dignity and have
sought to overthrow and be relieved of the subjugation and of the oppressive rule of the Communist
influence of another country. This has permitted them, in Thy providence, once more to establish their
independence in this land as a free people. Father, we acknowledge Thy hand in this release from


We come before Thee, Father, to dedicate this unique and special country for Thy holy purposes. By virtue
of the keys of the priesthood of the holy apostleship, and under delegation of authority from the First
Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, I now dedicate the country of Latvia for the preaching
of the restored gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and for the building up and the establishment of the

Church and Kingdom of God in Latvia. May peace and freedom continue to be found here. May the leaders
of this nation be just, honest, fair, and God-fearing. Let them function as representatives of the people.

Let the land continue to be productive and the forests be re-invigorated so that they may provide beauty and
also wood for construction and fuel. May the great western Daugava River continue to flow, and the many
lakes and streams be unpolluted so that they can continue to provide beauty and support for the life of the

people of this country. May the Baltic Sea continue to provide its fruits to help feed the people. May the
people of this country have listening ears and humble hearts to the end that they may be gathered into Thy
kingdom. May it be possible, Father, for our brothers and sisters in this land who hear Thy word and enter
into the waters of baptism, and the brethren who are ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood and remain true
and faithful, to receive their covenants and ordinances in one of Thy holy temples.

We plead with Thee Father to hear our prayers and to sustain and watch over us. We pray that Thy work
may be strengthened and prosper’ed in all of the world, we humbly pray in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ.


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