Week 60: FHE

Oh my family!!!

How I love and miss you so. Thank you SO much for the Easter candy package!!! It was such a wonderful surprise and it made me and my companion and my District happy with the goodies. Elder Baxter loved the robin eggs and I passed out the licorice in our missionary meeting and they gobbled it up! You put smiles on all of our faces! Thank you!! 🙂
Well, last Monday we had a bit of a disappointment. We had 6 investigators who were supposed to come to FHE with us and one by one they all dropped out and not one came. Sad day. So as of now nothing is new with the 3 girls from Jugla. We are keeping in touch. They were busy last week with school so they canceled their lesson, but said that they will let us know when we can meet. Kate, the young Russian girl from the bus, was a little scared to come to FHE because she didn’t know any of us and so she wants to come “hang out” with us first before she goes to a random get together. But we’ll have to see how we can work this out. Eriks still wants to get baptized, but the aunt remains against it.
Oh yeah, we had transfers…. I am still in Riga…. Shocker I know. And I love it here. Sister Nelson got transferred away to Imanta and I am now with sister Peterson. She is from Vernal, Utah and is such a little sweetie. We didn’t get new sisters this transfer, but we get some next transfer! Hurray!
SO…. as we were weekly planning I was thinking about how we really need new investigators and what we can do to find them. I thought about how we contact and knock, but there has to be more we can do. SO I came up with some ideas that I am really excited about. I called President Boswell last night and he’s excited about it too and I got permission to go forward with it all.  SO: FIRST I came up with this idea to have a “family Home Evening” Fireside. We are going to make flyers this week for it and start advertising immediately. We are going to have some of the main strong families here get involved in planning it too. We are going to have a night where we teach people how to have family home evening. We will have a big one all together.. We will start with a short talk about the importance of families and family time and then we will all do FHE (family home evening) together. We will have a little lesson and a game and treats. We will give everyone a proclamation to the family at the end along with some other FHE ideas. I am including the Russian branch as well so we are coordinating with the Russian sisters to get their branch on board. We know that random people who get the flyer about this event may not come to an unfamiliar place with their families so this is going to entirely depend on the branch members. I hope to let everyone know exactly what is going to happen so they don’t have to be worried that their friends will feel uncomfortable there. This will really be up to them to invite their young family friends and then to help them do their missionary work by bringing them and helping them feel comfortable. I want the branch as involved as possible because if they can get excited about this, it can go far! I don’t have all the details and everything planned because I came up with this on Saturday… hah but it’s in the making!
 This is where I need YOUR help. ANYONE’S help that reads this. We want to make this night so special. We want to have maybe even packets with FHE ideas. SO that is what I need. IDEAS! FHE ideas. What are your family’s favorite things to do? favorite FHE games? Treats? Lessons? Any ideas will be most helpful. WHY do you like FHE? Why do you have it? How has it blessed you? Send send send ideas and testimonies and anything you can think of! Thank you in advanced!!
ok… so to help along with that I came up with some more ideas. In Belarus I heard they do a puppet show every week where they teach about the Word of wisdom and stuff since they can’t openly proselyte. We have a lovely park in our area that families walk in often… especially now that’s it’s warm. So I want to start a puppet show in the park on Saturday mornings. We will teach good morals and try to get more people to come and while doing it also tell the families about our “family Home evening” night. We will have to make puppets, write scripts and everything so once again if you have any ideas for that let me know. I am now on the mission to get this started and President Boswell told me to call the elders who have served in Belarus to find out where they got the puppets and  about their scripts so I can get ideas.
Along with that the us and the Russian sisters  are going to do some contacting activities in the park every week. This week we are going to draw the plan of salvation with chalk. I am going to try to put little hopscotches and stuff in the plan for the kids to get involved in.
I want to teach a family so bad. (can you tell?)
So there is my rant about finding activities I am working on now. This transfers going to be full of families!! Pray for it!
Well we got to watch General Conference  in Latvian this weekend with the branch. It was fun and it was nice having the lunch breaks with the members. We all feasted. Guess who came Saturday and Sunday? Vasis! He says that I am his “christian Guru” so when I tell him to come, he comes. haha. He LOVED the focus on the families and thinks it is such a beautiful idea. Nothing too new with him though….
I am such a grandma. Somehow I have received that reputation. I blame it on the babooshkas here. I always have candy to give the kids in my purse, my dance moves in the apartment have somehow become grandma moves. I am joking of course, but even my joking moves are grandma-like. What is happening to me? haha Grandma Senkane has taken it upon her to teach me how to knit. I am not sure why, I never asked, but I LOVE it! During the lunch break she grabbed me aside and just started teaching me a new way to knit and tried to get me to go with her to the store to buy some yarn. haha I love it. But now I know how to knit again! Score!
Well That about sums up the week. I LOVE you all and pray for you every day. Thank you for the pictures, videos, and e-mails! Have a wonderful week!
For those of you interested in a fun family website Check it out here: FAMILY
-Masa galagera
Me in Riga

Me in Riga

Riga center

Riga center


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