Week 61: busy week!

Well, I can’t believe it’s almost May! Time is flying by! All the snow is melting and besides the wind it is warming up slowly! Hooray! Soon it will be summer!

Well let’s see… THANK YOU so much for all of your FHE ideas! You’re re all amazing!!! And I appreciate it SO much!

This week we were super busy. We were gven the General Conference CDs to watch during lunch time, but we’ve hardly had enough lunch time this week so I still haven’t been able to watch them all. We squeeze them in one talk at a time. I think I am almost through saturday now. But I love it so much! I really loved elder Cook’s talk on peace and thought about Vasis the whole time! Unfortunately he wasn’t there for that one, so the other day I told him that I was going to print it out and make him read it. haha. It seems to me that this conference (so far) has all been on the importance of the family. I love it and am excited to be with you all again one day.

So our Zone had a goal of receiving and contacting 20 referrals in the month of April and as of today we are at 36! It’s been crazy! Just last week we got 2 more from the one and only Zaiga Kalnina. She is amazing and just shares the gospel with everyone with no shame about anything. If everyone was like her and shared the gospel as much as she does missionary work would explode!

We started English back up this week.l The usual attenders are still coming. Erika is one of them and she is my best friend and she just calls us family now. She said that “I am with raisin” which apparently means I am something special. haha Strange way to say it but I love her so much.

Ilva (less active with the twins we’ve been workign with) came to church!!!!! First time in years!! I was so happy and just beaming when I saw her walk in!!

one of the recent converts we’re working with is having some problems with grace vs. works. I have been studying my brains out. She just can’t seem to accept anything and I feel like she is trying to find excuses to not keep the commandments because she really doesn’t like them and says she feels like she’s in a prison. If only she could understand how much freedom commandments really give you!

Well Eriks still wants to get baptized. After our lesson the member we were with (janis Menkovskis) said, “when I was in the lesson I had the feeling and thought that Eriks really is one of the great and noble ones and he was given this body so that he would be protected from the evil of the world and he wouldn’t have to endure the temptations.” I agree. Eriks is amazing and so strong and has so much faith and hope despite his physical limitations.

I have definitely caught the wave of missionary work as elder nelson put it. I love missionary work. I can’t imagine doing anything else. THIS is my life right now. THIS is what I love. THIS is what I WANT to do. It’s not something I “have” to do. It’s truly what I WANT to do. I am so grateful I am here and I love Latvia and the people and the culture and the language so much. I am honored to be here. I love the chance I have been given to evaluate every single day on how I can improve to serve more fully and completely. I have come to really love the scripture Ether12:27 “If men come unto me I will show unto them their weaknesses….my grace is sufficient” My friend (ERICA!) pointed out that when your weaknesses are shown unto you it is not because you are doing everything wrong and are failing…. it is because you are on the right path and so Christ is showing you your weaknesses so that he can perfect you and help you make more of yourself than you ever could. He shows them unto you not to tell you that you aren’t good enough, but to help you find an area you can improve on so that you can be even BETTER! and become who heavenly father wants you to be. I guess this means I am really coming unto Christ because I have had my weaknesses thrown at my face while on my mission. haha but nevertheless I am SO eternally grateful for this and hope to have become a better person and am grateful I still have lots of time to become better and rid myself of more of my weaknesses.


We lost most of our investigators… everyone is falling off the map a little. We really need to find more. We have so many recent converts and less actives and things to do that we don’t have as much time for just FINDING people. But we are trying to make room for it this week and spending some good time searching for those who are ready.

We did do a fun finding activity with the Russian sisters in the park on Saturday. I drew a HUGE  plan of salvation with chalk and as people would stop to watch and see the other sisters would talk to them. Most people were Russian that day, but they got some people who want to come to the activity. I love drawing with chalk so it was lots of fun. haha. I made little games within the plan like footprints to follow from the pre earth life to earth life and then a hopscotch to the spirit world. This old man came up and did all the games hopping around and laughing. haha it was hilarious.

One of my favorite things to do is take a taxi. Not because we get to ride in a car and I am sick of buses haha but because I love to make friends with the taxi drivers. We really only take them when we have transfers and we have to transfer all my comps luggage (because I never get transfered hahah) But this last week we had to 2 other times for the sake of time. And I now have many friends in the business. Especially this one older man named Aivars.He has driven us multiple times and just knows where to take us with out me telling him. haha we always chat and I have taught him a couple lessons on the way. Last time he told me next time he will let me drive and he will rest. hahah Too bad 1. I don’t have a license anymore.. opps… expired… and 2.  that’s not allowed. haha well that about sums up the week. I love you all and can’t wait to see you all on Mothers day! Have a wonderful day!
-masa galagera

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