Week 65: the FHE activity

Hello Family!


Thank you for all of the Birthday wishes! 🙂 And Happy birthday to my little Layna girl! Can’t wait to meet you!


Well it’s been a crazy week full of running around. This transfer has been somewhat of a blur. Transfer calls are tomorrow so I don’t actually know where I will be until tomorrow, but I’ll let you know next week! 🙂


Lets see, I don’t know where to start.

Let’s start with something awkward shall we? Inara and Oskars and Zaiga… well Inara is still as busy as ever but we are going to try and just come to her work or to her school or whatever we can but she won’t make her baptism date (june 7th) and right now she doesn’t have one anymore… thanks to oskars… I’ll explain.


Inara and Oskars met at FHE. Zaiga (member–and SO awesome! Love her to death!) and Oskars were kind of dating but he broke it off with Zaiga to go for Inara and Zaiga is devastated. So we FINALLY get a lesson with Inara and she ends up bringing Oskars along and who wanted to help with the lesson? Zaiga. So all three were in one room. And Inara knows that because she drunk coffee that morning she has to wait 3 weeks. And she doesn’t really want to live the Word of Wisdom anyways. So she was about to pick a new date and Oskars said, “we want to get baptized together. But we don’t need to pick a date. We’ll let you know 2 weeks in advanced if/when we want to” And Inara went along with it. Oskars!!!!


SO the funny thing is that Oskars is more sincere about really knowing and once he makes a choice he really will do it because he is really religious. But it will take him a while to make that choice. Whereas Inara is kind of wishy-washy and doesn’t really care about finding out she just thinks we’re “good people” so she wants to join. I am really trying to help her have a spiritual experience so she can feel the truthfulness of this and not just “oh it’s nice”. Well see.


Elder Bland (current district leader) just cracks up when I tell him my investigator stories when he calls to check up on them at night. He and I both can’t figure out why my whole mission I have had very interesting investigators and none of them have been easy. His exact words, “hahah I love to hear your stories about your investigators… they are always so interesting and funny! I don’t know why you always get the hard ones” I don’t know either, but it’s sure an adventure and I do love them so much.


The FHE activity was lots of fun! Unfortunately the members didn’t really bring any friends which was the whole point of it, but a lot of members showed up and really liked it and some want to start having a monthly FHE all together. We’ll see how that goes.

Here’s how it went:

Started out with a talk in Russian about FHE– what it is and how to hold it.

Then had a musical number by missionaries (families can be together forever)

Then we were supposed to have a talk by Gatis Senkans in Latvian about FHE but he forgot and didn’t show up so President Boswell saved the day and gave a nice little talk.

Then we all split into 4 groups (2 Russian and 2 Latvian) and had our own little FHE’s together.

Then we all joined back together and Elder Viremontes (CES couple) gave a talk about the 7 habits of a celestial family (about family prayer, scriptures study, fhe…etc) and handed out nice, laminated bookmarks to everyone with the 7 steps and then a little schedule for them to mark everyday. They LOVED that.

And then we had packets at the end with FHE ideas, a talk, the family proclamation, and a little paper with the steps of FHE

Then we had LOTS and LOTS of desserts! Latvians love the refreshments I tell you!


Best part:

On the back of the programs we had a little survey with things like “do you want to learn more about God’s plan for families?” or “do you want to learn how to strengthen your marriage?” Well Aivars Bite is the bachelor of the Riga branch and kind of all the branches. All the girls like him, but he won’t commit to anyone. You know the type… well he gave back his survey and on the back he had marked the “how to strengthen my marriage” box. hahah oh man we all got a good laugh out of that one.


So Simon the guy from France hung up when we called, Kristofers canceled his lesson and hasn’t responded since. But Liga and Ivo the 2 who showed up at church last week came again and this time brought 2 friends! They are all super cool. I found out that they are all studying theology… so who knows what their real intent for coming to church is, but they said after this week (they have finals) they want to meet.


I need some advice. We have a recent convert here who I love to death, but she goes up and down with her testimony ALL the time. She doesn’t like hearing about how she has to DO anything. She doesn’t like that word. “DO” and so therefore if you teach anyone anything it usually requires them to DO something… so unless we just talk about God’s love (and not talking about what we can do to feel God’s love mind you) she isn’t happy. We are good friends and we love her so much and want to help her and have her really gain a testimony, but I am at the end of my ideas.


Well that about sums up the week. We are excited for transfers tomorrow and we meet all the new sisters tomorrow!!! Hurray!

Have the most wonderful week my beautiful family and know that I love and miss you so much!


-masa galagera

latvian socks at the market

latvian socks at the market


Riga City

Riga City

I love Riga

I love Riga


My nametag

My nametag

Looking out at Riga city

Looking out at Riga city

Windy city!

Windy city!

Fun street

Fun street

a church near our church

a church near our church

Cami sent me Oreos!

Cami sent me Oreos!


2 responses to “Week 65: the FHE activity

  1. janna Hargadon

    For your friend who doesn’t like to “do”… help her Study the word “hearken”. Marlene shared thoughts with me about the fullness of that word years ago and it has made a good difference in my life. Love hearing about your mission experiences!

  2. yvonne bent

    Dear Maddie,
    I apologize for waiting so long to connect with you, but am so glad that Cailey put this blog together so I could keep in touch with you on your mission.
    Regarding the sister who has a testimony that is up and down and her aversion to the word ‘do’.
    I believe that we are all in a state of growth in our lives, and our testimonies grow even stronger the more love we feel from our Father in Heaven. Some people, like little babies, need to be held a little longer. Some have mothers that love and adore them and have more confidence in going forward. I had some children that couldn’t wait to get on their feet, while others needed more attention. I believe that the doing is sometimes learning to be still and know God, know his voice, know his peace, know his love. That might sound strange since we are always telling people to come to a meeting or read a scripture or do something else. I never learned to hear the voice of God until just before you left for your mission. It is not that I hadn’t, but I didn’t realize how critical it was for my own personal advancement and relationship with the Savior to be able to access it at any given time. I know my life would have been very different if I had known how accessible he was to me.
    All the things that you teach are so wonderful to these people, but remember that it is to bring them each, individually, to a precious and tender awakening to their prior relationship to Jesus Christ and to cement that bond here on the earth. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the momentum of the rules that we forget the heart is the greatest teacher. Let her feel your love for her and the Savior. You might be surprised at how much that can ‘do’ for her awakening to her true potential of who she really is.
    We have been exposed to all this theory and practice all our lives, but it is so different for others. You have been living amongst a people that have suffered so much darkness and oppression and so much of it is passed on through the children. It is nearly impossible for us to gauge the depth of hardship it would be to live in a country where their freedoms were denied and their connection to light was snuffed out. Sometimes just sitting in the light for a while in the quite is just what the doctor ordered. Uplifting music is such a powerful tonic to connect us to want to do and be more.
    I look forward to seeing you when I get home. This Friday I am off to Australia and I expect to have a marvelous time.
    You have the best mother. I am so grateful she has been my friend all these many years.
    Yvonne Bent

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