week 68: My last Zone Conference


I hope you two had the best day ever and I have been celebrating here in my Latvia for you! I love you!
Well I feel like all my days are a blur and rolled into one…. therefore I don’t even know where to start.
I guess I will start with the bad news of the day…
This morning right after studies Dzintars called and told me that Eriks my investigator in Riga passed away this morning. I sat on the ground and cried for a little, but then was comforted imagining Eriks being free from his handicapped body. He has been in a wheelchair his whole life. He was never able to get baptized because of his Aunt, but we have already started the plans to get his work done in the temple a year from now. Eriks is so noble. And I am so happy for him to have returned to his loved ones. We will miss him dearly though.
Zone Conference was amazing as always. It was the first time that the sister training Leaders taught as well as the assistants and president and sister Boswell. There are currently 2 sister training leaders in Latvia. I am over the Latvians and there is a sister over the Russians so we both taught a part. I talked about planning for your lessons effectively. I focused on the fact that God has a plan for all of these people and He is preparing them to reach the points and to learn the things he wants them reach and learn each day. He already has a plan for them each day. So what we need to do is make OUR plan HIS plan. The purpose of planning your day and lessons is so that you do what the Lord wants you to do. We talked about commitments and being “prayerful” while planning and what that means. It was a good experience and I enjoyed it. I really love to teach.
We talked a lot about Peter since our yearly goal of 153 baptisms comes from the 21st chapter of John. we talked about the change that Peter went through to become the great Apostle he was and how we can become great missionaries. We are focusing a lot on faith because… it is going to take A LOT of faith to reach the goals that we have set for the year and for this month.
One part I wasn’t expecting was that I had to give my goodbye testimony. At the end of every Zone conference they  have all the missionaries who are leaving bear their testimony. I still have another transfer and I just hadn’t really noticed the fact that this would be my last Zone conference. So when they announced my name I was kind of in a weird shock. After, people came up to me basically saying bye and I just kept thinking “No! I am not leaving yet! This cannot already be happening.” needless to say I don’t like goodbyes. It was interesting and special recounting what I have learned on my mission and bearing the testimony I have so carefully formed, strengthened, and protected while serving a mission. I have learned so much. And I am grateful for the time I have left to keep learning. They can’t get rid of me  just yet! 🙂
Well, Daina had a miracle and she just decided not to wait to do the 300 Lat DNA test. She didn’t have money for it and that meant that she’d probably never get baptized since she refused to move forward until she knew the results of the test. I prayed so hard for her heart to be softened and then prepared this whole lesson about doing what the Lord wants and trusting Him and the first thing she said was, ” I decided it is pointless to do the test.” Man, I was relieved. That’s another lesson I have definitely learned on my mission. God answers prayers. Every time. All the time. She is still struggling with actually committing to baptisms. We can’t figure out what is really holding her back.
Our other investigator Zeltite and I have become great friends! She wants to get baptized, but her older brother (who has been her dad since she didn’t have one growing up) won’t allow it and says he will never talk or see her again if she gets baptized. So all we can do is pray for a miracle since he refused to meet with us or come to church and Zeltite won’t go through with it until he accepts because she doesn’t want to loose him which is understandable.
We had SPORTS night in Liepaja which was the best thing ever! We played my favorite floorball and had SOOO much fun!! We were all SUPER sore the next day it was hilarious. Missionaries hadn’t had that much muscle use in a while. haha.
I also had exchanges with my wonderful sister Nelson and we had the best time! I just love that girl so much!!
Sister Woodland and I are having a wonderful time together. I adore her and she is teaching me so much! training is a wonderful experience. humbling, faith building, fun, and just an adventure all together. It’s fun seeing her experience Latvia, the people, lessons, the language, the culture… etc… all for the first time. It is such an exciting time.
Oh I made a best friend on the bus from Liepaja to Riga. This lady who reminded me of grandma gallacher sat next to me and so I said hello. We talked for the rest of the time (hours) and I know everything about her life. She has a daughter in Arlington Virginia who is a hairdresser and she gave me her card so maybe if Kenna needs her hair done she’ll now where to go. haha. This lady invited me to come and live with her in a little town outside of Liepaja and that I had to call her “Oma’ because that’s what everyone calls her (yes, german!) She gave me her name, address, phone, and e-mail and I promised to write her. Oh I just love meeting people and making so many relationships with people. Unfortunately we don’t have a branch where she lives so we can’t really teach her. But I will keep in touch and one day…. Skundra will have a branch of it’s own and she’ll be the Relief Society president. 🙂
but today we actually have P-day in Riga because I have exchanges with sister Cloward a new masa tomorrow and then it’s back to Liepaja for us.We have our Ligo party this weekend! Hurray!!
We are praying with all the intensity of our hearts for our little Liepaja to baptize 5. We believe it’s possible, but it’s only miracles that can make it happen.
I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful beautiful day!!! I miss you!
-masa Galagera

One response to “week 68: My last Zone Conference

  1. Marlene Slater

    Dear Sister Galacher you are beautiful inside and out! I love reading your emails and hearing your sweet thoughts and faith that you have. Be safe and may The Lord continue to be with you and that land. Marlene Slater

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