Week 69: Goodness Gracious! What a week!

Goodness Gracious! What a week!

So we’re e-mailing super early today because we are going on an adventure!! We are going to KULDIGA!  It’s just a little town in Latvia but very beautiful and has the longest waterfall in Europe! We are going with some of the elders and we are all so excited to go on a “trip”. It’s gonna be a blast! We are not sure what we are going to do there but I am sure we will find some adventures to go on!!

Okay, so I spent the first half of the week in Riga with zone conference, then preparation day (I just took sister woodland around to all of my favorite places in Riga. It was a blast to see it all again! Feels like home.), and then exchanges with the center sisters.

We finally in Liepaja on Thursday where we tried to work with Daina on setting a date but there is still no sign of progress… so we are praying for miracles… Zeltite has been out of town… again.

FRIDAY: We first went into the woods with sintija (a youth here) and we picked lots of wild flowers for LIGO and then we had our LIGO PARYT that night!!!! Oh it was a blast! We had tons of food we all made wreaths, and we danced the night away to Latvian traditional dances. I learned a whole bunch so I will teach them to you all when we have a Latvian dinner and party night. Wahoo. It was so much fun to be with the members.

SATURDAY: was a total adventure! I had my first trip to the COUNTRY! Latvians (i’d say most Latvians) all have a “country house” out in the middle of Latvia somewhere where they all have lots of land and gardens and they usually go there on the weekends (makes getting them to church quite difficult) well I’ve heard about it my whole mission and I actually got to GO to Daina’s farm this Saturday! We went to help out with her garden and we hoed potatoes, carrots, radishes, cabbage, green onions… and a lots of other good things. We worked for hours and I just loved every minute of it. Definitely a once in a life time chance. Most missionaries don’t get to to go the country because it’s far away, but we wanted to get to know Daina’s son and boyfriend more so we got the ok to go. It was really lots of fun and now I just want a garden so bad! I just kept singing “the prophet said to plant a garden so that’s what I’ll do” (at least I think that’s how that primary song goes. haha)

We have had Zane Pliha with us (native Latvian) as our companion again this week. Oh man, she is so funny! A third person always makes life a party.

This week will be equally as busy as the last. We have visa trips to Riga and the missionary leadership council meeting again this Wednesday. Another full week in Riga. haha I feel like I spend half my time in Riga these days.

The familiar smells and sights of Liepaja give me so much joy. The wood burning stoves, the cobblestone streets, the old empty buildings, clothes drying on the balconies, the humid air, the wind that never ends, the cats EVERYWHERE…. and the thunder storms that are like nothing you’ve ever seen before!! Life in Liepaja is so much fun.

Well I hope you have a wonderful day! and I hope you have a wonderful week with all of the family at the reunion! I love and miss you all so much and send my love!
Consider yourself hugged by me!

– Sister Gallacher



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