Week 70: Where has the time gone?

Hey Family,

MACKENNA I can’t wait to meet Leland! (what a dream name!) He sounds awesome and I know we shall be best friends. I am so happy for you and your new man.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (what an awesome couple of weeks!!)

Happy 4th of July everyone! I will be singing happy birthday  all day!

Also congrats to Layna and her first steps she took! She is such a little walker girl! She is just so precious! And Hud is so handsome!!

Mom, thanks for all of the videos of the family reunion! My heart was so happy! Britt, you are sure the dancer girl and you look so CUTE! Kenna, your singing was off the charts! Serious. I am so proud of you and just could listen to your voice all day long. Joyce and John and Gayle and Sandy– you have got the MOVES I tell you! haha I love it! It looks like you all had the best time ever and I am so glad to hear it. (plan another reunion next year so I can come pretty please! 🙂 )

Dad, your voice is also amazing and I loved your dance moves with britt and brigss! Also speaking of Brigham! YOU ARE SO HUGE!!! I think you could crush me with your pinky finger! You are looking so studly!

And for the other siblings who also missed the family reunion fun, caye, your baby is to die for. So adorable and I just can’t wait to hug him!

Cami, I am so glad you are having a blast in Germany!

Okay, alrighty… I don’t even know where to start now…

Kuldiga was amazing and so special! My pal Vasis was actually in Kuldiga because he works there and his sister lives there so he showed us all around. It seriously is a fairytale land!!! And the waterfall!! It was SO beautiful!!! (it’s the widest waterfall in Europe) It’s a definite must if you ever go to Latvia! SO magical! We just sat on a hill over the waterfall and stared for a while enjoying the sun, the scene,ry and the sound of the running water.

We had our missionary leadership council again. We tried picking the goal for July and it sure wasn’t coming easy. We ended up running out of time with no number so we skyped later that weekend and the number is 13! It definitely was confirmed by the Lord and we are excited to work for it!
I love being able to take part in these councils! It is such a privileged and is interesting to understand how councils work and what really goes on in them. On top of that we get to all have lunch together (all the Zone leaders, assistants president and his wife and the sister training leaders). It’s a blast and I get to hang out with my pals from the MTC!

We also got to watch the mission president conference  in our meeting and we watched it on Sunday with our branches! I am so excited! It is so awesome! The internet stuff is coming out slowly mission by mission so who knows when it will get here. I will definitely miss it … Sounds awesome though I really hope the members can get into this!

I had exchanges in center and got to see some members from Riga. It made me so happy and it was a sweet reunion. And I’ve only been gone a little over a month! Already so tender and I was all smiles!

As to investigators…. Edgars isn’t interested, but he comes to activities and church sometimes so I think that with time he will open up.
Daina… still has the same problems.. but tonight we are meeting her on the beach to have FHE with her family. She is making her famous chip n’ dip and we are bringing chips. We are going to teach the plan of salvation and use the sand as our form of paper. It’s going to be fun!

I am teaching in our zone training tomorrow and then heading to Imanta for exchanges. It’s crazy how busy we are these days.

Life really is going well and time is flying by so fast. I am not sure where it is going… June basically didn’t exist. We have some referrals we’re trying to work with and we desperately need new investigators so thankfully we have some good “finding” time this weekend.

Well that will be all for now!  I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and know that I am praying for you and love you so much! Sending you hugs and kisses your way!

Love, Masa Galagera



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