Week 72: Stretch forth your hand to Christ

Oh my, I got on to my e-mail and had the largest amount of e-mails in my entire life! 69 to be exact!! haha THANK YOU everyone for thinking of me and sending me an update of your lives! Also thank you so much for the fun pictures!! I just love to see all of your beautiful faces, and your beautiful children, and grand children! It made my day! So thank you. And I apologize that I won’t be able to write you all back today. But Thank you and keep them coming! I love you all so much!

Missionary life…. it’s the best. I just love it. I love everything about it. I love our schedule, I love contacting, I love planning, I love praying, I love listening and following the spirit. I love teaching. I LOVE teaching. I love Latvia. I love Latvian. I love the people. I love the strangers. I love the surroundings. I love every single little particle about being a missionary right now in Latvia. It is the best!

Let’s start with Karosta!! Oh we sure went on some fun adventures last preparation day! We went out to the Karosta beach where the war forts were and had a blast. We spent most of our day exploring and playing in the sand. It was a blast! So much wind! It really reminds me a lot of the beaches in North CA.

Sister Woodland was eating it up. I’ve decided one of my most favorite parts about training is getting to experience “Latvia” and “missionary work” for the first time again with her. All of the moments when someone listens, the miracles, the heart aches, the architecture, the people. It’s just fun seeing it through the eyes of a new missionary again and remembering how foreign it all was at one time to me.

We had lots of good contacting sessions this week and went on adventures down fun streets. We tried hard to follow the spirit and we saw lots of miracles.
I want to share the best one. So we were planning on Thursday night and we had an hour open for contacting. We planned and were about to end and then I just felt that we had to contact until 12:30and not just until 12:00. I passed it aside for a second thinking oh we already planned something else. But then I realized that thought was definitely a prompting and I quickly told sister Woodland we had to change our plans for the day. So we did….
the next day we went contacting… 12:00 came and we knew that this last half hour we were supposed to do something special. So we started out down the street in center. We had 3 miracles. First was a mom with 4 kids (woooow!!) Who was very sweet. The next was a cool middle aged lady who said, “thank you SO much!!! I have been really searching for a church to go to and I just moved here! THANK YOU!!! I really want to meet and learn more about this. Can you teach me?” why yes, yes we can. 🙂 Next we were walking past a bus stop and I saw this young girl who was dressed in all black with an extreme black hair style. I stopped and said, “hi”. She replied.

We ended up walking back to the church with her and teaching her about the plan of salvation. She has had a really hard life and all of her friends are… well… satan worshipers… but she doesn’t like it. She just wants to be accepted and had a horrible childhood and said she felt “weird in our church”. I asked her if that was a good or bad thing and she said, “oh NO it’s GOOD!” It is just so different than what she is used to that it is foreign. She has so much darkness in her life it was amazing to just see the light fill her eyes as we taught. It definitely was a miracle that we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t changed our plans to contact longer.

Speaking of “satan worshipers”  they came and vandalized our church building. We showed up and they had graffitied all over every window and the walls and even broke a window. It was such a horrible sight. I just starred in amazement for a couple seconds and then we got to work cleaning it along with the branch president who was there. Some other elders showed up and we got it all cleaned. Who knew that you can get graffiti off with hairspray? haha

I had a week of more amazing studies. I was talking with sister Woodland just this morning about how much I just LOVE to study the scriptures and learn so many new things every day.

This week I studied Jacob 5 all week. It is SO GOOD!! I fell in love with the question that the Lord asks himself, “what more could I have done for my Vineyard?” I want to ask that to myself every night when I account to the Lord. I want him to know that I want to accomplish EVERYTHING he has for me to do every single day.

Later in Jacob 6:4 it says that the Lord’s hands are stretched forth all the day long. It made me ponder how patient and loving the Lord is. And then I thought about turning it around. Are MY hands stretched forth to HIM all the day long? Am I constantly reaching for his hand that is always reaching for me? Something to ponder.

Here are some questions that I thought about today and want to share with you. If you have some time I would invite you to ponder them and then write your answers in your journal.

1. How have I become more like Christ in the past year?
2. If I died tomorrow, what 3 wishes/ desires would I have today?

and Lastly, in the scriptures we can read about Christ’s baptism and then how our Heavenly Father introduces Christ to the people. he says, “this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”  so…
3. How would God introduce you? or Rather, how would you want God to introduce you?

Well I hope you have a wonderful day!! I love you all so unbelievably much! I hope you all have a million reasons to smile all through the day. Remember to stretch forth your hand to Christ because He will take it. I know it.

-Sister Gallacher



One response to “Week 72: Stretch forth your hand to Christ

  1. yvonne bent

    Dearest Sister Gallacher,
    This was the most inspiring missionary insight I have ever read. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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