Week 73: “go contacting”

Čau mana brīnišķīga ģimene!!!!

Let’s start out with last preparation day shall we?

We went on the most wonderful bike ride EVER!! We rented bikes (2 lats for 2 hours) and went on adventures all through Liepāja! It did make me miss my bike at home.. (hold strong, George!!) We went and saw lots of different streets and I took sister Woodland to some of my favorite places. We also went to these old War forts/tunnels. They went deep inside a hill and it was super cool. We didn’t go too far in because we were afraid, haha. We were walking and you could barely see when all of the sudden I stepped in a puddle of water and screamed (I totally freaked my companion out)! My scream turned into laughter when I realized it was just water. But it startled me so then we walked back out. It’s fun to be able to see so much History in this town. The weather has been a dream with just a couple of really hot days. I guess I have gotten used to the hot/no air/ sweaty lessons, but my companion almost fainted in our last one. We had to get out and leave… But all is well. I am loving every minute.

We have an AWESOME new investigator named Meldera. She is in her early 20’s and is so open and really wants to learn more about God. She is progressing wonderfully (we’ve only met with her 2 times) and we have another lesson tonight. We are so excited for her! She has such a good heart and is so smiley!

This week has been focussed on me praying for miracles. I sure need some. Daina’s boyfriend lost his job and they soon will have no income. I am not sure what they are going to do. Daina can’t work until they get a daycare for her little girl and all of the day cares are full… It’s a mess. So they are living in their little country one room apt and will not come back to liepaja very often. We are going to try and squeeze in a lesson on Saturday! Other than that our communication is us  just calling her. We need a miracle with this one. Her boyfriend needs to just sign the papers to get married… but he won’t. And I don’t know if she realizes that he probably never will. Oh agency… I am so grateful for it and sometimes it is so frustrating. 🙂

We had another contacting miracle. We came home after District meeting and had some lunch time. I sat down and just felt SO wrong. I didn’t know what was wrong… but something was. I couldn’t shake it. Nothing I tried to do or think would help. Something was wrong and I had to change it. So I said a small prayer in my heart to know what it was that I needed to do. I immediately heard, “go contacting”. So I went to Sister Woodland and said, “uh… we didn’t plan to go contacting right now… but…. we have to go.” Poor girl. She was JUST about to lay down for a little nap. She is such a trooper though and we ran out the door! Well we didn’t have any success for a while. In fact most people were exceptionally rude to us.

That is, until we got to our Miracle bus stop! There we met Gints! He’s a super cool young guy who listened and was interested. His bus was coming up after we had taught a mini first lesson and he hurried and got out his phone and said, “HERE! Here’s my number! I gotta get on the bus! But call and we can meet to talk more about this!” —> MIRACLE! I just love the Holy Ghost. The Spirit is the best!!! I am also so grateful that I have him as my constant companion. He helps me so much every single day. We’ve had trouble playing phone tag with Gints, but I have hope in him! 🙂

The Ballstaedts (senior couple) came to Liepāja for some business and we had them over for lunch! I made teriyaki chicken, white rice, veggies, stir-fry, and yummy cookies! We had a feast!! It was so much fun because I also had Sister Peterson and Sister Stout here for exchanges so it was definitely a party during that lunch period! I love all of the senior couples! But the Millets are sure missed around here! Tell them hello!

We had a really sad experience this week. It pretty much broke my heart. Rubija Berziņa a wonderful member, left the church. We went over to visit her and she is completely done and goes to a different church. She still wants to be friends and thinks we’re good people, but she is done. We tried so hard to help, but she gave her Book of Mormon back to the Branch President and won’t accept another one. She was very gracious and didn’t and won’t say anything bad about the church. But she just has different beliefs. After the lesson (I was with Sister Peterson) we both went to the bench at the bus stop. (she lives out in the middle or no where and we had to wait a half hour) We sat and just stared into the distant with tears streaming down our faces. Oh my little Latvia. I want the church to grow so badly. It hurts so much every time someone chooses to leave (there’s that agency again) But I have hope she will come back. Maybe in a couple of years… we won’t give up on her.

Es jūs mīlu are visu savu sirdi! Es pateicos Dievam par jums katru dienu! Es zinu, ka Jēzuz Kristus ir mūsu Glābējs! Jūs visi esat viņam ļoti dargi! Un jūs visi esat arī man ļoti dargi! Lai jums visiem burvīga diena!

-Māsiņa Galageriņa

At the Beach

At the Beach

Looking out at the left over war forts

Looking out at the left over war forts

Hello from Karosta!

Hello from Karosta!

Karosta war forts-- and playing on top of them

Karosta war forts– and playing on top of them

Anyone up for a bike ride to Lithuania?

Anyone up for a bike ride to Lithuania?

momentum for a US aircraft that was shot down. It is a lady who is looking out to sea for her loved ones to return...

momentum for a US aircraft that was shot down. It is a lady who is looking out to sea for her loved ones to return…

war tunnels

war tunnels


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