Week 75: The chance to forgive

Wait, how did a whole week already go by? I am not sure if time is really passing so quickly or if I blinked and someone played a trick on me and changed all the calenders and clocks….

Well this week basically didn’t exist because it went so fast. I had 2 exchanges, meetings in Riga, and then  Monday taken up with helping the branch president move and then Tuesday our preparation day… man.

It just went too fast.

So let’s see…. let’s start with our last Preparation day.

We went to the Relief Society party (as a part of our preparation day because most of the day was taken up with District meeting and then some other meetings about August goals I had to attend over skype). I don’t know that the word is in English… but we did this “walking sport” calling “nujotoana”. It’s where you walk with 2 ski pole like things on the beach. I guess you could say it’s kind of an old person thing, but the women in the branch really wanted us to go and we had the best time ever!! Our instructor took 3rd in the world Olympics/championship (whatever it was) for his age group. He was so funny and entertaining! I actually really enjoyed it. We walked down the beach for a about 40 min and I chatted with the ladies. I was with Santa and Kristine most the time and I made up stories for them about the people on the beach and we laughed so hard. I asked them funny questions like, “if they could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, which one would they be?” and “if you weren’t a human or an animal, what would you be?” It sure was an entertaining evening and we had some good laughs. Oh I love them so!

So then we went to Riga and we had our Mission Leadership council. It’s where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders, assistants, and the president, meet ALL DAY long to discuss the mission and our goals… etc. We all have lunch together first and it’s fun to catch up with my pals from around the mission. It is funny though, because when we first start the meeting all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders stand up zone by zone and give an accounting of the Zone the last month. (goals/strengths, focuses… etc.) So every Zone has 2 Zone leaders and at least 2 or more sister training leaders. One zone even has 3 sister training leaders. So a group stands up (2 zone leaders and 3 sister training leaders) and gives their accounting and then it’s our zone to go. Well it’s just Elder Bergeson and me. hahah When we stood up everyone giggled because the other groups were so much bigger than us. He is a solo zone leader right now and I am a solo sister training leader. (Brings back memories from the MTC!!! Solos forever….) So it’s just the 2 of us taking care of the zone. But we have fun. We’re also teaching together at the mission-wide leadership conference my last week here. It’s gonna be fun.

I had exchanges in Liepaja with Sister Ormsby (new) and then Sister Scott in Jelgava! It was so fun meeting more of the members and investigators in Jelgava that I have heard so much about. (Sister Kerr: I finally got to meet Oksana! She is amazing!!! And she chose Oct 12th I think as her date in our lesson!! 🙂 )

I then had to go to the zone training meeting in Riga to teach the zone. I chose to teach on “fulfilling the Lord’s expectations”. It was fun and I learned a lot preparing for it.

Meldra is doing well: We had a lesson reviewing the Restoration and watched the movie. I asked her how she was feeling about it all and she said that “there is some truth in everything” but she’s not convinced of it all. So we were kind of confused at where to go next because she had already said that she believed the Book of Mormon to be true… So I told her I want to help her know where she needs to go from here so I started asking her the baptismal interview questions.

Well we got passed the fact that she believes God is her Father and that Christ is her Savior without a problem…. but turns out she actually ISN’T sure if the Book of Mormon is true. So, that gave us some direction.  We promised her that God would answer her prayers, but she really needs to sincerely ask  specifically to know if the BOM is true. We all knelt down and prayed together. It was her first time ever kneeling down and she really liked it. After she talked about how it made her feel humble and closer to God. She said a beautiful prayer and the spirit was so strong. I testified that the spirit testified to me of the divinity of the BOM. But she isn’t convinced. So We committed her to read 2 Nephi 31 and pray about it that night. She got called into work on Sunday and so she missed church, but we have a lesson with her tonight and we are going to follow up on that!

Daina, Daina, Daina…..Well I tried everything. I even pulled the “I leave in about 2 weeks!!”                                  We have to TRY EVERYTHING we can before I leave to get this worked out!! She just isn’t really working towards anything. I set meetings with a member who works at the city hall to help her get her kids into a kindergarten and she just isn’t making anything a priority.  But maybe this week we’ll have a breakthrough….
I was “unofficially called” as the Young Women’s president a while back. It is fun to look back at personal progress and remember how much fun it was to do all of the projects. I want to do it again.

Something we were taught in relief society is that forgiveness is one of the most important things in any relationship. Whether that be a marriage or just between family members. I have come to realize how true that is. You need humility to forgive. You need patience to forgive. I feel like the attributes that describe Charity in Moroni 7:45-48 describe forgiveness. Forgiveness is a beautiful, freeing thing. Both being forgiven and forgiving free your soul and lift burdens. I am grateful for forgiveness. The chance to be forgiven and the chance to forgive.

Well I love you all so much and hope you have the most fantastic week!! I am praying for you!

-Masa Galagera


One response to “Week 75: The chance to forgive

  1. Marlene Slater

    I love your happy spirit! Love your experiences! Have a happy last few weeks. Sending my son Zach off on his mission August 7…. It willbreak my heart but excited for his learning experiences. he is headed to Independence Missouri!
    Marlene Slater

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