Week 76: Speaking of Faith

Sveiki mana burvīga ģimene!!!

Oh man, ok let’s see… AH! Time. Where is it? Sister Clark would always tell me that time doesn’t exist. I know that’s what the scientists say, but I would always argue that statement with pointing to a clock and saying well then what’s THAT? haha. Sorry Sister Clark, I believe you know. Time has disappeared and everyday it goes faster and faster.

Here are some of the events of the week:

1. I taught at the Zone conference in Liepāja
2. We had a Burrito branch party! It was awesome and we sure cooked with all of our might to feed the amount of people that showed up!! It was awesome! (For those of you Baltic missionaries reading this…guess who came? The RING MAN’S KIDS!!! Yes, we have been very diligently inviting them to things… 🙂 ) We are really getting the activities rollin’ here in Liepāja. We have lots going on. Next week is Pizza night! It’s my last night in Liepaja and we are going to have a FEAST with pizza and a lovely party! Which brings me to my next point:
3. EDGARS IS GETTING BAPTIZED next Tuesday!! HURRAY, HURRAY!!! I am SO happy and he is so amazing and such a wonderful person! And he is going to help the Liepāja branch so much!! SO much happiness!!
4. I went on exchanges in Riga and it just so happened that the 2 lessons that were set up were with 2 of the people I taught and baptized! So that was a tender mercy from the Lord.
5.We had someone we contacted show up at church and we have a meeting with her! That was our miracle for the week.
6.Everyone is saying bye to me and setting up last appointments… I don’t know how I feel about this… but this next week is going to be PACKED!!!

We are struggling a bit with Meldra. She kind of went backwards this last week. She only met with us on Monday and then the rest of the week was busy and didn’t come to English class or church and now her phone isn’t working… we had a scheduled meeting for tonight so I hope this is all a joke and she hasn’t disappeared and she will be here tonight.
Daina: Love her to death, but she is not moving forward at all. 😦 kind of at a stand still and she just won’t take the leap of faith.

Speaking of faith it seems to be the topic of this week. All my investigators needed a lesson on it and it turns out I do to. It is so interesting while on a mission you realize that we are all the Lord’s investigators and we are all progressing along the missionary lessons. I have come to find that when you want your investigator to read the Book of Mormon more, it’s because God wants you to read it more. When you want your investigator to gain a stronger testimony of Christ, it’s because God wants YOU to gain a testimony of Christ. So I guess God wants me to strengthen my faith this week. So that is what I have been studying and working on. Faith is such an interesting and complicated subject and yet is so simple and beautiful. (Doesn’t make sense right?)

Well, dare I say it? This is my last week. Next week doesn’t even exist… I have Monday and Tuesday, but then Wednesday I go to Mission Leadership conference (all the leaders of the mission come for a 2 day conference) and there Elder Bergeson and I teach together. haha as always. We are going to teach about “Goal setting”. Then that’s it. Wait, what? That’s it? yep, (still trying to grasp that fact)

I am running, and will keep running, and once I hit the “finish line” I will keep running…..Until I get to our house and then I am probably going to fall on the ground and my body will probably refuse to move and you’ll have to take me to the hospital. haha. Good thing we have all the appointments set up!! And then after that… I will run some more… but I will get to run with all of YOU!

Have a wonderful week!!! I love you all!!!!

-Māsa Galagera

Huge Goblet

Huge Goblet

Taco Party

Taco Party

Dzintars and Dace

Dzintars and Dace


One response to “Week 76: Speaking of Faith

  1. Marlene Slater

    Sister Gallacher! So thrilled to hear of your wonderful mission these last 18 months. You have given me lots of laughs and sweet things to think about. Congrats on being willing to serve The Lord. My youngest son Zach who is Danny McArthurs age (and grew up together) just left last Wednesday on his mission to Independence Missouri. He is in the MTC right now. So excited for him and his experiences, good and bad. Well I guess you will be home before you know it! Your family is sitting on pins and needles, I am sure of that. Thanks for your example. Hugs
    Marlene Slater

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