Week 77: My last Week Part 1

PART ONE  (I have so much to say that I will quickly write the doings of this week and next and then my oh so sentimental part 2 of this week’s e-mail will come later when I can copy and paste some of what I will write to president Boswell)

Family!!! Ģimene!!! Family!!! Ģimene!! Ah which language do I use?

Guess what? This is my last mission e-mail that I will write. Can you believe that 18 months have come and gone? I can’t. It’s not that it seems faster than that… It feels like 18 months really have gone by. But it’s just weird that it is nearly over. I can’t believe it.

The lyrics to the hymn improve the shining moments have been flyng through my head lately….

“Time flies on wings of lightning, we cannot call it back.
It comes, then passes forward along it’s onward track.
And if we are not mindful, the chance will fade away
For life is quick in passing. ‘Tis as a single day.

Improve the shining moment. In this you are secure.
For promptness bringeth safety and blessings rich and pure.
Let prudence guide your actions and be honest in your heart;
and God will love and bless you and help you to impart.”

This past week was so busy I am not sure how it passed me by. I guess you could say this week was a lot like my mission. I did SO much and by the time it was over I couldn’t even believe that much time had passed.

Here are the main happenings of my last full week as a missionary in Latvia!!
1. Monday: picnic with missionaries and Edgars! We ate and played floor-ball and had a blast. We had a lesson with a woman named Inga who I contacted a transfer ago. She is so sweet and has a wonderful family! She didn’t seem too interested when I first contacted her, and she either didn’t answer calls or was too busy when I would call, but then one time I felt that I should call her again, and she said she wanted to meet!! She is wonderful!

Tuesday: LELDA is our miracle! She is in her 20s and has the cutest little girl. I contacted her on the street 2 weeks ago and then she came to church. We met with her 3 times and she accepted a baptismal date for September 22!!
We finally got to meet with Meldra. She isn’t progressing very well anymore, but she still wants to learn. She just isn’t accepting everything. So the masa’s will keep working with her. We got “kidnapped” this week by this crazy couple who I just adore!!! They are catholic and have met with missionaries a bunch of times in the past. But the Elders contacted them and set up a meeting with us because they live in our area. Let’s just say the lesson we TRIED to teach consisted of them showing us TONS of pictures, making us play a very out of tune piano, making us drink tons of herbal tea that was basically just honey in it, and hearing their whole life story. I tried SO hard to keep them focused but they were hilarious!! (not crazy, just really funny people). Man we laughed so hard once we finally got out of there. I just love these hilarious memories

Wednesday:  We had so many lessons that we never got to sit down. It was awesome, but stressful.

Thursday: I spent on an exchange in Imanta with sister Cloward.

Friday: my last sports night, lesson with Edgars!!!

Saturday: Made lunch with the Ščerbiņini family (branch president’s family) and had a blast!! We made them this noodle salad that had noodles, chicken, apples, pineapple, grapes, celery, green onions, and almonds with a mayo sauce. They thought it was the weirdest thing ever. but they thought it was yummy!
Last English class. I am really going to miss teaching English….

This next week will be sooo CRAZY! One of the busiest weeks ever!! I will hardly have time to breathe in between appointments, packing, and preparing for so many things, traveling, teaching….. and much more!! Let me just tell you how busy….
Sunday: Gave a talk in church, weekly planned, had some lessons
Monday: write president Boswell a letter about my WHOLE mission! Yikes, pack, say goodbyes, lesson with Meldra, and a missionary dinner with the Frolovi family.
Tuesday: I have to teach District meeting (and I was going to give a talk at Edgars baptism, but we decided that it was better for a member to do it….) EDGARS gets BAPTIZED!!!!!! Then we have a huge Pizza party with the branch
Wednesday: travel to Rīga,Teach at the mission Leadership conference, conference lasts all day
Thursday: report to mission home, play in Rīga, interviews, testimony meetings and what not
Saturday… no idea
Sunday: give another talk

On top of that I have been writing goodbye letters in every spare moment that I have. I started a while back knowing I’d need time. I am on number 34 or something and I still have about 20 to go. Let’s just say that I won’t be getting them all written.

Warning: I want to apologize if I do the annoying “can’t remember an English word” missionary habit that I thought wasn’t real before my mission. I think God is just giving me a foretaste of it because this week I kept messing up my English sentences and saying them in Latvian structure and then Latvian words would come out in the middle of an English sentence. I feel like my brain is all messed up now. oops.

Well This is it!! I will see you all on Friday and I can’t wait to hug you all! I have to write President Boswell a final letter about my whole mission so I will send you parts of that as PART 2 of my last e-mail!


-Māsa Galagera

ps funny story: SO we are on the bus coming home from Rīga and as usual there is a drunk guy on the bus.  So we had a stop in the middle of nowhere and this guy jumps off the bus and runs to the forest to go to the bathroom. Well the bus drivers here are not very nice and he just started driving away even though everyone was yelling how this guy’s bag was still on the bus. The bus driver just said, “well he got off so I am leaving and won’t stop” so we all are just feeling super bad for this guy who is now lost in the middle of Latvia without his bag. So we drive for about 20 minutes on the freeway and get to a town called Saldus. We drive in to the bus stop and guess who is standing there. THE GUY!!!!! Everyone started laughing and he just got on the bus and sat down. WHAT???????!!!?? I still have NO idea how he did that….

president Ščerbiņins takes pictures for the missionaries.

president Ščerbiņins takes pictures for the missionaries.

Primary Kids

Primary Kids

Me and Sister Woodland

Me and Sister Woodland

companion pic

companion pic


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