Week 53: Sister Conference

Hello family!


Well first things first, Caye, I got your package! (along with Michael’s gift) I loved everything in it! I love the quotes-my companions and I had fun reading them! Also did you sew that cute bag?? I also love the sweater and wear it to bed every night. ha. Thanks for taking the time to send me something! I love you all!

Next, there have been some security threats in eastern Europe (a bombing at an U.S. embassy) so they have become a lot stricter and come out with more rules. We can no longer go out to eat with our district or do anything with our district whether in public or not in public (for example we can’t just all hang out at the church on p-days) on preparation days. We have to stay in our assigned areas and if we need to leave we have to call to get permission from the mission president. It’s pretty intense. So our area is just apartment buildings and grocery stores… that put a damper on Preparation days. haha. But we of course have permission to come to center to e-mail because we don’t have anywhere to e-mail in our area and if we have lessons at the church we don’t have to call because the church isn’t in our area but we travel there almost every day. It’s kind of a bummer they have to crack down so much, but I guess it’s for the best

So the Vasis situation continues on…. he came to church yesterday and we always have a good time. We don’t really know what to do with him. It’s a work in progress….


We have another investigator named Zerars and he wasn’t doing anything and so we dropped him, and then he showed up at church!  Now we have 2 investigators that we don’t really know what to do with. haha. We’ll see how it goes.

We had Sister Conference this last week!! It was super fun! We had all the sisters in the mission (24) come down to Riga where we had sisters exchanges the first evening, and the next day we had meetings all day with sisters and president Boswell, and then the next day we had exchanges with our language speaking missionaries. So the first day I was with a Russian speaking missionary and an Estonian speaking missionary. It was fun contacting and we met all sorts of interesting people. The conference itself was good. They focused a lot on how sisters are too hard on themselves and God loves us. Girl stuff. haha.

But of course we had good missionary training as well. On the last day I got to serve with sister Peterson who is Latvian speaking, but I haven’t actually been able to serve with her yet. We had fun being together for the day. I got to see Sister nelson (old companion) and we had so much fun together. I love that girl! Apparently they do sisters conferences only once a mission president’s mission. So it’s rare, but it was definitely a fun time and I learned a lot.


Also I have taken a fancy to Nutella and Banana crepes this past week. So tasty.

I don’t have too much more to say about this week. It was sure fun, but we are all exhausted from the conference. None of us know why, but it was draining for some reason. Since all the sisters came to Riga, we (the sisters who are serving in Riga) were responsible for everyone and had to make sure everyone knew where they were going and etc. It was a good week and we’re ready for a new one!

I love you all! Thank you for all the pictures everyone sent me! I loved to see them all and man, there are some CUTE kids waiting at home for me! 🙂 Also Briggs, you looked pretty studly in your suit! Tell me how prom went!

Have a wonderful week!! I love you so dearly!



old ladies love to feed the stray cats that are everywhere!

old ladies love to feed the stray cats that are everywhere!

sister Clark and me

sister Clark and me

I had to stay at the assistants apartment (the were obviously not there during sister conference and elder Morgan had made us a yummy apple pie!

I had to stay at the assistants apartment (the were obviously not there during sister conference and elder Morgan had made us a yummy apple pie!

Hurray for Sisters

Hurray for Sisters

Another Sister

Another Sister

Sisters Conference

Sisters Conference


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